Yamaha 82Z-2 Black mint!

Here we have a wonderful near new 82Z-2 black tenor. This thing plays so clean, precise and reliably, with an effortless response.  The air column is slightly wide yet it has power to spare with a defined buzzy edge and a lot of volume.  It is not a simple modern sound but a very nicely designed tribute to vintage horns.

This is the second (latest) model with the metal resonators, one piece bell and V1 neck. We also have an excellent C1 solid silver neck included for an extra $375 if desired.  That is what I used on it, with a slightly smaller bore it has a bit more focus and power.

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King Super 20 #375xxx Original Wonderful Tone

Here we have an excellent King Super 20, #375xxx in original condition and finish.  It has mostly original pads, quite old and will need revision. It currently does play on the original pads but not especially well, however one can hear and feel the beautiful rich tone and the promise of amazing vibes once it is overhauled.  I have taken out some tiny dings all over the horn.  It is in excellent condition.  There is one post foot that appears to be pulling up from the body at the top of the upper stack, a very easy fix during an overhaul.  This horn is a treasure of complex tone and response.



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King Silversonic #470xxx Very nice looking Big and loud

This is a King SIlversonic #470xxx Eastlake production.  It has original finish and very old pads that will need revision. The body and neck are in excellent physical condition.  One guard foot was resoldered by Ernie Sola many years ago but it will be hard to notice or find it, was done so well.  The horn at this point has only scratches and is otherwise very very nice.  The sterling silver bell has gold wash, the neck is also sterling.  I bought this horn many years ago based only on the shockingly great sound it produced.  It has been waiting for attention for a long time, please adopt and care for it.



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Selmer MK VI Tenor 87xxx 1960 Original Package Find

Here is a 1960 Selmer MK VI tenor saxophone serial no. 87xxx with original case, mouthpiece (Brilhart was included at this time) and Boosey & Hawkes Edgeware Clarinet. This is the original package from 1960.

This is very few numbers from my own 87k tenor and this has been kept for a future overhaul but we are setting some horns free.  This is a near mint 87k tenor, the find of a lifetime and a player to match.  The lacquer is all original, US engraving, pads all original, nothing has been done to this one.  It currently plays on original pads very nice but of course a little bit stuffy.

The neck is in perfect condition, the horn has most of its lacquer as can be seen in the photos.  There are a few imperfections; there is a tiny ding on the bell flare, one resoldered guard-foot at low C, and a slightly dinged upper post at Eb/C.  That is all, otherwise it is gorgeous.

This horn particularly plays bright and warm and loud.  it has both the aggressive edgy quality and full richness we would expect from a late 80k tenor.  Among this serial number this is undoubtably one of the absolute best one can find, which is why it was kept for years (by myself).  This horn is for the most discerning player or vintage collector who knows exactly what these are and what they are looking for. This is not cheap, you have been warned.

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Selmer MK VI 98xxx US near Mint Original Tenor Saxophone

This 98xxx tenor is everything is should be.  It is all original and on original pads as well. Nothing has every been done to this horn and it still plays great.  There are no dents of consequence, nor any solders or repairs that I found.  it has some normal lacquer speckling from age but not even much play wear.  The pearls are sharp, the original neck is perfect condition.

It currently plays very well, but would be amazing with a fresh set of pads.  The sound is HUGE, very organic and complex sounding with a lot of power and edge as well, exactly as it should be.  This is very easily one of the best MK VI’s I have ever played.

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