Selmer MK VI 136xxx Original nr MINT Euro Engr. Amazing sound & response

Selmer MK VI 136xxx, very bright and shiny all original French lacquer and engraving. The pads are old and will need attention, but jeez this thing has an amazing sound.  I usually play five digit VI but this sound just shook me; it’s the combination of 4 factors: bright, vocal, focused and expansive.  All of these together is a wonderful rich sound.  It is very powerful and has plenty of bright yet very vocal and lyrical as well as being rather fat with a mellow quality to such a powerful sound.

This horn is very close to new.  It has a few scratches and minor dings only, one really small ding on the bow brace that a skilled tech can smooth out in the course of an overhaul, and  a slightly darkened lacquer spot on the low C key for the super picky.  The bell rim, neck and the body are all beautiful and undisturbed original.

The photos do not lie, this is in excellent near new condition, and even on the old pads it has a very impressive sound.  No matter what serial number this is one of the most interesting horns I have every played.  Some lucky person will snap this up fast.  Don’t sleep!