Selmer MK VI 126k Low Bb Baritone Saxophone Near New!

A nearly new 1965 Mark VI Baritone is an amazing thing to experience.  This one is 126xxx with original US lacquer and engraving, original matched neck and all in wonderful condition with no damage that baritones almost always suffer.  This has 99.999% original lacquer and the only signs of use are a few tiny scratches or scuffs and one tiny ding that I could find.  The bell, lower and upper bows, neck, body etc are all just about perfect as the day it was made.  The pads have lacquer on the edges and are all original, could use some attention after this many decades.

The sound is wonderful, equal parts edgy and warm as expected with a great VI bari.  Includes original Selmer case and case cover as well.  Such a time capsule is an extreme rarity.  Enjoy the pictures!