Selmer MK VI 95xxx Original US lacquer Excellent Player

Here we have a wonderful example of a prime 5 digit VI tenor.  This one has been played plenty and shows how much love it received over the years with some lacquer wear.  Structurally, however it is in excellent condition with no solders or serious repairs that I can find.  It’s got the normal dings and minor dents but really has been spared the worse issues that we often find with vintage players horns.

This one has had a professional good quality setup by a well known NY tech and it playing well.  I’ve just got it in here and it will need some minor cosmetic and functional adjustments to optimize the situation, but again it’s really in good condition.  The original owner engraved his name and number on the back as many old pros used to do, which we will just have to ignore by playing it. The metal thumbhook appears not to be original with a sort of custom shape, which of course can be replaced with an original.

The 95k serial number is in the model-realm of Chris Potter’s VI tenor (98k so I am told) and these do have a certain presence and power; reliably more focused than 80k and trading off some fatness for pure power.  This one particularly is a specially great player.  The owner told me ‘anyone who plays it will buy it’ and I do believe I agree with him.  It is live, immediate and forward!

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Selmer MK VI 86xxx Original US Lac. Fully restored, Powerful and Complex

A tenor like this is very uncommon to find.  At 86xxx this is within the exact construction period of Brecker’s famous preferred horn at 863xx, as I was told.  This is a beautifully surviving original example.  The lacquer has aged to a dark bronze.  The horn has had no damage or trama and barely any scuffs of significance.  The worst issues are a few spots of finish wear or past lacquer corrosion that have been cleaned up, that’s it, nothing else of note. All the important areas, neck now brace, bell etc are untouched by impact or accident.  This is a very clean horn.

It has been carefully restored to perfection with new treated pads and an assembled set of original Selmer Tone-X nickel plated brass resonators, all keys fitted and toneholes level etc. It plays and feels like a race car in the hands.  The sound and response especially rare; an impressive slightly dark core with a wild-side type of growling aggressive edge all delivered in a particularly compact, compressed forceful airstream.  This is basically the dream VI for most people who are looking for this serial period and it absolutely does not disappoint. It’s very difficult to find any tenors at 86xxx at this point and harder still to find a truly great player at full power.

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Selmer Super (Balanced) Action 48xxx original, cosmetic blemish KILLER player (SOLD)

I’ve taken this horn on a trade, a truly excellent and classic sounding SBA tenor 48xxx.  This has a great amount of depth and lyricism in the sound propelled by an awesome power.  I high degree of ‘bluenotability’ with this such that every note tells a story, feeling and sounding like a classic recording at the moment it’s played.

The lacquer is original and the US engraving very nice and sharp. It’s got a nice darker finish color as well, but it is by no means a museum piece. This horn has lived a few lives and has some repair history which is why it is not priced at the upper end of SBA tenors, but an original for just a bit more than the average relacquer.

This is obviously a horn for a real player, someone who can match it’s poetic vibe and drive it, but also not for those who’s OCD will be bothered by a non-pristine horn. Cosmetcis aside, I don’t think I have ever played a better SBA tenor.



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B&S 2001 Tenor Saxophone Mint Condition

Here is a wonderfully constructed B&S tenor ‘2001’ model with the special G# regulator mechanism.  This is a similar model to the early Guardala saxophones, but with some added key action engineering. These have a very powerful and full spectrum colorful sound with a very fast, clean, and punchy response. They have something of a following, no longer made and specifically great compared even with today’s newer designs.

The condition of the lacquer (original) and the horn itself are outstanding, mint condition and almost new by any standards.  The pads are excellent as well, it is exceptionally fun to play, and not really easy to find.

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Selmer MK VI 80xxx Original US lac/engraving Needs overhaul nice condition

Here is a rather hard to find serial number, early MK VI alto from around 1959.  This is the tail end of the first example of the medium bow designs.  The lacquer is obviously original, quite dark with a nice color.  This horn has been sitting quite a while, has a lot of dust and eroded old pads.  All the original metal tone-x resonators are present (only had rivets on the palm keys), neck is also original and serial numbered.  There is some corrosion present but this will also come off easily enough.  There have been some minor bruises over the years, the octave level was bent, but all the screws are free and it is ready to have a full overhaul as it currently is not at all playable.  I may end up working on it at some point but someone else should probably get it going and play it before I take a long time to get to that point.

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Selmer MK VI 162k original player $6500

Nice original working musician’s 162k MK VI alto.  This is a gig reliable medium bow horn, original neck and has some custom key risers added. As you can see it is not a closet horn but has lived a bit and shows some action.  This is a similar design iteration as the later 140k altos with that even scale, impressive projection and tonal color.

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Joshua Redman’s 1956 MK VI 62xxx tenor, Wonderful Player & Collector’s Treasure

This is Joshua Redman’s 62k MK VI tenor, original US lacquer and engraving and nearly mint condition.  He used this on his reunion tour in 2002 with Brad Meldau, Christian McBride, and Brian Blade. He had this set up to his preference and the overhaul is tight and slick.  This horn has a rather massive lush and complex vibe to it, delivered bright and immediate, wonderfully flexible. The photos you see here are before the overhaul, and he says a little cleaning might be in order after use on tour and sessions etc.  It has been put through its paces by one of the best. See and hear it live here-

This horn is exactly as great as one would expect to have been selected among many by Joshua Redman. It is definitely among the best early VI’s to be found, still has a bit of SBA in it with that MK VI width and edge on the sound. This horn will include paperwork from Redman.  I have the pleasure of helping him rearrange some horns.  Feel free to message with questions and interest.

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Selmer MK VI 115xxx mint original US Lac. NEARLY NEW!

Here we have a rather rare find; a 1964 Mark VI tenor that is in nearly new condition.  The pads are all original with lacquer rings outside the toneholes.  The finish shows some water spots and a tiny amount of speckle but almost no wear of any kind, even on frequently touched keys.  The neck has matching number and is in beautiful un-flexed condition with not really any wear.  The bottom bow and bell flare are both structurally spotless.  The body in general only has a few tiny scratches.  At a careful review of the photos you can see the kind of freckling of the lacquer with darker and lighter spotted areas; this is a slow aging or darkening process of original Selmer lacquer. The horn also needs a basic cleaning and will look even more shiny and new.

Given its original condition after so many years it really will need an overhaul. That said, I have been playing it and it IS playing, pretty well.  It has the fast and nimble response that is associated with the 110k-120k model period.  While these would normally be slightly on the focused/centered side of response when the pads get old and dried out that is hard to discern.  In this case what I can say is that it is bright and sparkly juxtaposed with really utterly huge and booming, in a way I was not prepared for.  This is a BIG sounding horn, like a mid-80k might be. With an overhaul it will likely be both fast, AND huge.

It feels excellent under the fingers and is pretty much at the apex of Selmer positive engineering before they brought in the ball joint side keys, which no one really loves. This is as close to a brand new Selmer MK VI from 1964 as anyone can expect and it just happens to be a super promising horn as well.

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Selmer MK VI 79xxx Tenor Beautiful Original Treasure

Here we have a really strikingly nice condition original 1959 MARK VI tenor; original US lacquer and engraving, matching neck and nice overhaul with metal resos. We all know what these are, late 70k-early 90k tenors are a particular thing.  Of course it is a spectrum with usually a bit more focus and buzz and warmth on the 70k end leading to a bit more power, acceleration and booming bottom on the late 80k-early90k end- your mileage may vary.

This being right on the cusp of the 80k run has qualities associated with both 80k and 70k being that it is kind of buzzy, focused and warm (very warm) and yet also has some of the expanse and power of the 80’s. The pads are very recent and it’s playing quite nicely.

The lacquer is probably 98-99% present and all original.  There is no significant damage or repair of any kind that I see on this horn.  The bottom bow, bell, body and neck are all basically structurally perfect with the exception of a few TINY dings and scratches. I am still getting to know this horn, but it is definitely one of those unicorn minty rarities at this serial number and with that special tone to power ratio. Not very easy to find one like this now.

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Selmer Trumpet 1955 Model 20

Wonderful original vintage find; Henri Selmer Model 20 (very rare) Trumpet.  The is serial number 15xxx with a likely 1955 manufacture date.  It is in excellent condition having been refreshed in all ways by a local brass expert from Shires.  It is obviously missing a bit of the original lacquer as someone loved it well and was a bid handsy with it.  It is ready to play, and of course, good luck finding another model 20.  Most people barely know they exist.

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