Vintage Saxophone and Mouthpiece Availability


For availability of vintage saxophones and mouthpieces in stock please see the above link: “Vintage Saxophones & Mouthpieces For Sale”.  That will show current offerings, sold and on hold offerings, as well as up and coming “in-shop” projects.  Please feel free to ask about future offerings.  Additionally there are many items that ARE NOT listed on the for sale page that are packed away, not operational yet, or just not fit into the schedule to list. Early inquiry is a good way to beat the crowd to get the special item you have been searching for.  Thanks!

Yamaha 82Z-2 Black mint!

Here we have a wonderful near new 82Z-2 black tenor. This thing plays so clean, precise and reliably, with an effortless response.  The air column is slightly wide yet it has power to spare with a defined buzzy edge and a lot of volume.  It is not a simple modern sound but a very nicely designed tribute to vintage horns.

This is the second (latest) model with the metal resonators, one piece bell and V1 neck. We also have an excellent C1 solid silver neck included for an extra $375 if desired.  That is what I used on it, with a slightly smaller bore it has a bit more focus and power.

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Meyer Bros. NY 6 LARGE chamber rarity, ‘Marinated’ to .105!


This is a super rare vintage find, Meyer Bros. New York Large chamber tenor piece.  This was all original with a very thick tip and smaller size.  I wanted to see how it would play at a more modern preferred tip size of .105.  It still has the original Meyer “cloudy table”.  It’s got a nice little roll over baffle now.  The sound, to me, is thick slightly pressured, very colorful and slightly buzzy.  It still has a distinct Meyer feeling but definitely more open and full than the small and medium chamber models





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Otto Link FL no USA Short Shank (early) High Baffle 7 original nr MINT!!

Super rare and desirable Otto Link Early Florida ‘shorty’ stamped 7 for tenor.  The shank on these is shorter than all the other FL models.  The baffle is rather huge by FL Link standard.  It is nearly brand new in condition, a little depression on the biteplate because this mouthpiece is really so great it was definitely played, but al the gold plate is present, looks excellent.

This piece is really pretty bright for a Link, nimble and speaks very well.  What can I say?  I enjoyed it very much.

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Otto Link Slant Sig 7 FL Original MINT .105 Amazing Vintage Set

Otto Link Slant Sig later Florida model MINT condition 7!  This has the original table milling, original facing and tip, original preferred long and high baffle. Included is the original box, cap and aa specially great original ligature model that works so well on this piece.

This is THE piece right here.  The tip measures (for me) at .105 although it is original and stamped 7.  I has that particular FL facing curve with a slightly smaller facing and larger tip so it plays very very comfortably and although a 7* in actuality it feels more like a 7 with better venting to me.

This is of course an extremely difficult model, size and condition to find.  it is an absolutely exemplary player, just fantastic.  It needs no facing or adjustment it just goes like fireworks with an edgy brightness yet colorful and moderate-dark core.  Truly wonderful mouthpiece in basically perfect condition.

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King Super 20 #375xxx Original Wonderful Tone

Here we have an excellent King Super 20, #375xxx in original condition and finish.  It has mostly original pads, quite old and will need revision. It currently does play on the original pads but not especially well, however one can hear and feel the beautiful rich tone and the promise of amazing vibes once it is overhauled.  I have taken out some tiny dings all over the horn.  It is in excellent condition.  There is one post foot that appears to be pulling up from the body at the top of the upper stack, a very easy fix during an overhaul.  This horn is a treasure of complex tone and response.



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King Silversonic #470xxx Very nice looking Big and loud

This is a King SIlversonic #470xxx Eastlake production.  It has original finish and very old pads that will need revision. The body and neck are in excellent physical condition.  One guard foot was resoldered by Ernie Sola many years ago but it will be hard to notice or find it, was done so well.  The horn at this point has only scratches and is otherwise very very nice.  The sterling silver bell has gold wash, the neck is also sterling.  I bought this horn many years ago based only on the shockingly great sound it produced.  It has been waiting for attention for a long time, please adopt and care for it.



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