Vintage Saxophone and Mouthpiece Availability


For availability of vintage saxophones and mouthpieces in stock please see the above link: “Vintage Saxophones & Mouthpieces For Sale”.  That will show current offerings, sold and on hold offerings, as well as up and coming “in-shop” projects.  Please feel free to ask about future offerings.  Additionally there are many items that ARE NOT listed on the for sale page that are packed away, not operational yet, or just not fit into the schedule to list. Early inquiry is a good way to beat the crowd to get the special item you have been searching for.  Thanks!

Selmer MK VI #85000 EU Satin Silver Engraved Massive horn, ONLY ONE! (not for sale)

This is an amazing rarity; 1960 Mark VI tenor, the exact serial 85000, made in celebratory satin “sable” (sand finish) silver plate and glass accents, an expensive special order option.  This horn lived an active life and does show wear indicating just how great it was (is).  I have done many special restoration projects on this horn, soldered the bow to body, resoldered the failed neck receiver, replaced most of the worn pearls and then finally a vast overhaul.  It originally came to me with black ‘roo pads’ in it, and plenty of key slop.  I did many special jobs on the horn but resisted taking those pads out since they were not old, but the horn always lacked some resonance, sort of a deflating kind of feeling rather than the power we might hope for in 85k.  I finally did surrender and did a whole job on it with my treated pads and special setup.  Now it is blasting, bright and powerful as expected.  Moral of the story- please don’t use roo pads.  They suck.

Aside from that, this is just that amazing actual 85k tenor the only one with the perfect number (HAH!) and it plays every bit as amazing as we imagine.  I did somewhat of a silver polish on this after I allowed it to turn black over several years and it was already a lot of work.  I will just let it go black I guess from here on in.  I took a quick set of pics before it turns totally black again.

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Otto Link FL early no USA 10* original near mint package Excellent Player!

Very special package find.  Here is a very early FL no USA original 10* in nearly new condition.  These large facings are amazing players in the very early FL models with a specific large rollover baffle that disappears after the no USA period.  This is one of those very special players, really excellent; easy player even for those used to smaller sizes.  This is loud, bright edged, fat and flexible.  Comes complete with original black Pompano Beach box, “france” cap and early FL ligature “OTTO LINK” stamped on the knob.

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Dukoff Hollywood V-series 6 ‘Marinated’ to .098-excellent!

Here is a wonderful rare later model (two piece casting) round chamber Dukoff Hollywood.  This shows a V-serial which is right in the best of these rounded side wall models.  The baffles vary from non existent to prominent and this one came to me already with a rather prominent baffle.  It was not in the best condition so I have restored and optimized this to an absolutely great player.  It plays fat resonant and colorful like a great tonemaster (which would also take work to get to normally) but the center is much more compact and projecting.  It has a rich under-color while presenting a very delicate beautiful bright shimmer on top.  Only these pieces particularly will do this kind of thing. Even the sister piece made by Zimberoff, in my experience will not do exactly this although they tend towards more powerful.  This is a rare situation, great playing piece.

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Otto Link FL Double Ring Marinated .103 Excellent!

Here is a piece I have kept around for quite some time.  It is VERY VERY great. Tip size at .103 is quite in the middle of optimal for the compromise of power and center. This setup is very close to my personal daily player. It is bright, warm, has focus, but also spread, and an ocean of color.  I would say this is not at all a dark piece, but it is just a hair backed off of the far end of bright on the spectrum just due to the influence of the bog body of sound this one has.

This still has a lot of its original gold plating on the body. While there are always different flavors to be found, in my experience there is no better double ring to be found.  This is the thing and mostly they cannot be found.

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B&S 2001 Tenor Saxophone Mint Condition

Here is a wonderfully constructed B&S tenor ‘2001’ model with the special G# regulator mechanism.  This is a similar model to the early Guardala saxophones, but with some added key action engineering. These have a very powerful and full spectrum colorful sound with a very fast, clean, and punchy response. They have something of a following, no longer made and specifically great compared even with today’s newer designs.

The condition of the lacquer (original) and the horn itself are outstanding, mint condition and almost new by any standards.  The pads are excellent as well, it is exceptionally fun to play, and not really easy to find.

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Otto Link Slant Sig Early FL 5* Original 

Here we have a very nice original example of the earliest Florida model of hard rubber Tone-Edge.  The body of these is on the shorter side, a steep drop to the beak, and a specifically bevelled shank.  The chamber is probably slightly smaller than NY versions and slightly larger than late Fl versions.  This one is original with evident horizontal milling on the table, and original rail and baffle finish.  The baffle is somewhat long and subtle rollover, and with a slightly high floor in general this piece really packs a punch.  I played a vintage Rico 3 reed on this and it played both very fat, and also aggressive and edgy. Honestly I felt like I was playing a 7.  The tip size I measured at .080. This piece is missing nothing and delivers a crisp sound one can only get in smaller sizes.  It has been played over years, which is not surprising due to the fact that it’s great.  There were some tooth indentations on the bite area that I temporarily filled and patched over.  Tip rails shows some action but I would not touch this. Plays, feels and works great.

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Selmer MK VI 80xxx Original US lac/engraving Needs overhaul nice condition

Here is a rather hard to find serial number, early MK VI alto from around 1959.  This is the tail end of the first example of the medium bow designs.  The lacquer is obviously original, quite dark with a nice color.  This horn has been sitting quite a while, has a lot of dust and eroded old pads.  All the original metal tone-x resonators are present (only had rivets on the palm keys), neck is also original and serial numbered.  There is some corrosion present but this will also come off easily enough.  There have been some minor bruises over the years, the octave level was bent, but all the screws are free and it is ready to have a full overhaul as it currently is not at all playable.  I may end up working on it at some point but someone else should probably get it going and play it before I take a long time to get to that point.

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Selmer MK VI 162k original player $6500

Nice original working musician’s 162k MK VI alto.  This is a gig reliable medium bow horn, original neck and has some custom key risers added. As you can see it is not a closet horn but has lived a bit and shows some action.  This is a similar design iteration as the later 140k altos with that even scale, impressive projection and tonal color.

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Otto Link FL Double Ring 8* Adjusted by ‘moi’ .111 Excellent player

Wonderful rare larger sized Double Ring FL at .111.  This piece had been previously faced and recently adjusted by myself to a really optimal response.  Although this piece is large (for me) it will play with the same reed I use on smaller facings and unsurprisingly sounds the same as my best smaller pieces, with the added air and fatness expected for am 8*. It is very difficult at this point to find any larger double rings, and most won’t play as exceptionally as this one.

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