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Free advice:

I’ve been the enemy of rip offs and ignorance in the online saxophone market publicly for a number of years, and am well known for speaking out and educating the public about vintage horn and mouthpiece models, condition assessment, fraud etc.  I offer free advice, with the guarantee that I will try to steer people the right way, even if it means no business for me, or whomever else.
So, if you need information or advice in this area feel free to contact, (within reason).

Saxophone service:

Repairs/adjustments taken and priced on a case by case basis.

Full overhaul, base price $1500.00 + pads, resonators, and time for brass/dent/repair issues assessed individually.  At the moment I have a backlog of my own horns to work on, so will be picky with jobs.

Brass/dent work as/if needed (hope not!)
Straightening as needed
Tone hole level as needed
Key level, fit/swedge as needed
Cork/felt + regulation
Neck fit

Mouthpiece Services:
My approach to mouthpiece restoration, facing and adjustment is painstaking and detail oriented with a high standard for playability and quality.  I am not running a *cheap* mouthpiece assembly line business.  Each piece I work on requires significant time and focus.  I have many dedicated customers who trust my work and therefore do not NEED more work.  My prices reflect my commitment to excellence in craft as well as the value of my time and expertise.  Obviously this level of attention to detail is not suited to all.  There are cheaper options to be found for sure.


Biteplate replacement minimum $50.00 depending on model

Facing curve minor adjustments starts at $75.00

Full Restoration/Reface base price $280

Additional factors that can contribute to cost and time may be; straightening bent or damaged mouthpieces, tips, or shanks, chamber work, and cleaning up after poor work done by others previously.

Basket-case restorations (pieces that are truly abused and damaged) cost to be determined as work is done.  All work is on a ‘to be arranged’ basis.
Photos appreciated first, phone consultation (free of charge) available before and necessary after a personal examination of the mouthpiece, at which time all cost estimates can be assessed.

Table (heart) Transplant service:
This is a new method I have pioneered to resolve the problem with the “French Curve” on vintage mouthpieces.  It is a very involved method of literally building a new table without affecting the existing facing.  This is specifically indicated for restoration cases with a vintage mouthpiece that has reed troubles, trouble with the “French Curve” and can even be applied to opening the tip size and facing curve of a vintage small tipped mouthpiece without altering the tip/baffle OR the angle of the table (AKA the Butt Cut).
**Pricing varies, a very involved and special service on a case by case basis.

Saxophone and mouthpiece finder services:

Over the years many of my friends and clients have asked me to locate specific types, vintages and models of saxophone and mouthpiece that they are seeking.  I have some good contacts and methods for finding them and offer that as an option for those on the quest.
I also have myriad old vintage pieces and blanks around here that I keep and collect specifically as good candidates to make into really fine and fun playing pieces.  These range from the rarest and most expensive, to the most common cheap and under the radar blanks that actually can make excellent pieces for little money.  So if you are looking to have something made, I might have the right type of thing to start with here.

Saxophone and mouthpiece personal consultations:

Some clients have actually traveled here by air and come for a visit with the option to play many different types and sizes of mouthpieces and which ever horns are available at the moment. Spending some time discussing and analyzing one’s concerns regarding their personal physical method of playing, sound idea, and relationship between horn, mouthpiece, reed and player in combination with the possible items and hand work I can offer can be very useful for some people.  Cost by day or hour to be discussed on a case by case basis.