Otto Link Double Ring NY Old and nice reface to .090

Here is an early model Otto Link Double Ring, made in New York sporting the early extremely long biteplate. These being about one step after the Tonemaster tend to have a fairly large chamber as well creating a thick, wide sound.  This one, however does not appear to have the absolutely huge chamber.  At least visually it appears not so big, sort of trending (a little) towards the Florida models.  This piece has had an active life showing some surface wear from handling.

The table facing stamp is not showing but I am guessing it was not a large size to start. Someone has refaced this to .090 (6 facing) and by the appearance I’d guess it was done more than 30 years ago, and by some old school hand and done very well.  It plays exceptionally well at this size with both fat and significant bright qualities on a complex warm tone expected of these models. This is not a piece to open further, it is just excellent as it is. I would suggest it could benefit from a bit of minor adjustment or cleanup if anything at all.  I very much enjoyed playing it and was surprised.