Selmer MK VI 118xxx Original US Lac, excellent vibe nice condition

Here is a rather thrilling original 118k MK VI tenor, original US lacquer and engraving, in quite good played condition.  The photos illustrate it well, it has normal play wear to the finish, some minor dings etc, but is overall in very good structural condition.  The pads are not new but have been redone at some point in the past and still have life left in them, but will definitely need some adjustment.

It is a very interesting horn in that it has the sound and feel of what we might expect from the early 100k horns, (focused complex and punchy) with a response we might associate with the 120k period (more precise, stable intonation and slotted notes).  I have not experienced this exact thing before, all these horns are unique but this one really feels like a juncture between those two things and it plays and feels excellent, while needing some work.

The neck has never been pulled, it’s in very nice condition with normal speckle.  The bell flare and bow are nice as well.  This is a very good one that I personally enjoy a lot.