Selmer MK VI 1967 ‘Sanborn’ Medium Bow Model

Here, yet another in a line of reliably great 140-something thousand altos.  These 140k medium bow altos are probably the best, most versatile players they ever made for altos.  The earlier 5 digit medium bow altos are also great but not quite as loud and cutting as these.  I have had a number of these from 139-149k and I have yet to play one that was not great.

This 148xxx is a player’s horn, not a museum piece.  It has lived, had some dents, dings and scratches and lacquer wear.  The horn has had a full overhaul with fresh pads and everything else and is currently in very good playing condition. All original lacquer and US engraving.  The photos below are before the overhaul, so it’s a bit cleaner and nicer than shown.