Otto Link FL Double Ring Marinated .103 Excellent!

Here is a piece I have kept around for quite some time.  It is VERY VERY great. Tip size at .103 is quite in the middle of optimal for the compromise of power and center. This setup is very close to my personal daily player. It is bright, warm, has focus, but also spread, and an ocean of color.  I would say this is not at all a dark piece, but it is just a hair backed off of the far end of bright on the spectrum just due to the influence of the bog body of sound this one has.

This still has a lot of its original gold plating on the body. While there are always different flavors to be found, in my experience there is no better double ring to be found.  This is the thing and mostly they cannot be found.

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Otto Link Slant Sig Early FL 5* Original 

Here we have a very nice original example of the earliest Florida model of hard rubber Tone-Edge.  The body of these is on the shorter side, a steep drop to the beak, and a specifically bevelled shank.  The chamber is probably slightly smaller than NY versions and slightly larger than late Fl versions.  This one is original with evident horizontal milling on the table, and original rail and baffle finish.  The baffle is somewhat long and subtle rollover, and with a slightly high floor in general this piece really packs a punch.  I played a vintage Rico 3 reed on this and it played both very fat, and also aggressive and edgy. Honestly I felt like I was playing a 7.  This piece is missing nothing and delivers a crisp sound one can only get in smaller sizes.  It has been played over years, which is not surprising due to the fact that it’s great.  There were some tooth indentations on the bite area that I temporarily filled and patched over.  Tip rails shows some action but I would not touch this. Plays, feels and works great.

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Otto Link FL Double Ring 8* Adjusted by ‘moi’ .111 Excellent player

Wonderful rare larger sized Double Ring FL at .111.  This piece had been previously faced and recently adjusted by myself to a really optimal response.  Although this piece is large (for me) it will play with the same reed I use on smaller facings and unsurprisingly sounds the same as my best smaller pieces, with the added air and fatness expected for am 8*. It is very difficult at this point to find any larger double rings, and most won’t play as exceptionally as this one.

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Otto Link Slant Sig Early FL .103

A very early FL blank with the very high and steep ledge drop to the beak, these are the first Florida slant models with facing stamped on the side.  These have a slightly larger chamber and would trend slightly darker but with a significant baffle become powerhouses of complexity.  This one was refaced to .103 by Ochuttio and plays very big and powerful.  Should be a good deal for any player who wants to cut through with fatness and depth. Has some normal wear on the bite area that won’t affect anything but could be filled with minimal work.

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Otto Link FL Double Ring 4* near MINT original package, killer player.

Here we have a very minty original Otto Link Double Ring Florida tenor piece with original box, cap and ligature.  It is stamped 4*and has the appropriate .075 tip size.  The gold plating is somewhat faded but all of the underlying nickel is there, some of these had a nickel underlayer.  The piece is in excellent condition, ligature, box, etc. all very nice, but this piece PLAYS exceptionally well.  I put a 2.5 reed on it for fun and it still played very well.  Wonderful sound, loud, complex and colorful.  With a 3 or harder reed it would be amazing.

It also has a rather thick tip so if someone did want to injure that lovely plating and open it up, it is a great candidate.  the current baffle is not big at all, which is a good thing on a small tip for better airflow.  It is helpful to not have a huge amount of baffle before opening up such a piece because we don’t want to have a speedbump up front.

Altogether this is a very nice package for a great playing smaller tip FL double ring, or a great candidate for making the perfect size.  Hard to find minty originals of these anywhere now.

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Otto Link early FL serialed 6 original rarity, APEX vintage tone

These early Florida serial numbered Links are basically the same as double ring Links, same moderate baffle, same smaller chamber and slightly more focused complex sound. Those who know about these, know.  Those who don’t…
This is a real untouched original in very very clean condition.  It plays VERY well at around .088 size with the right reed.  These are probably harder to find than double rings and people generally are not selling them.

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Woodwind Co. (Dukoff) Stubbie Original 6* .100 Exceptional Rarity

This is a lifetime of vintage mouthpiece hunting treasure, Woodwind Co. finished and branded Stubbie at .100.  Woodwind Co. had it’s own precision facing outfit, and many vintage Otto Links from the 1950’s were taken there for custom facings.  Their finishes were usually better and more precise than Otto Link of the early period, and they were FAR better than Dukoff finishes. Woodwind brand are the best of the Stubbies with good facings and very nicely finished tips, unlike Dukoff and much worse, Zimberoff.

This one is an original 6* that measures right at .100 and the original finish is beautiful with rather thin and even tip and side rails and a moderate baffle.  The chamber is of course slightly large heading towards Link Tonemaster but the floor is higher so it is a faster mouthpiece with a bit of punch and buzz as well. There are a scant number of Stubbies out there for sale, but there are nearly no Woodwind models, and as far as I have seen, none at .100, ever.  I am not keen to sell this and may not, but even if I part with it I will be quite picky as to who gets it.  I would hate to see this altered.

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