Otto Link Straight Sig Late FL 5 Original

Here we have a very very nice original (100% authentic) late Florida Otto Link ‘straight signature’ tenor piece at it’s original 5 facing, unaltered and a wonderful player as well.  Body is quite clean, facing curve untouched, tip in good shape, original long clamshell baffle (hand finished) and original table milling obvious and present.  They don’t get much nicer than this.  Most of the examples we see for sale out there now are fakes, this is real and these are hard to find.  Generally these are a bit more powerful than slant sig but mostly the same mouthpiece, probably the best of the hard rubber Florida models for projection.

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Otto Link Early FL Serialed 8 (tenor) Optimized

Here we have an otto Link 8 with a serial number of the early Florida production.  These serial numbered pieces are either exactly the same as a FL double ring inside or extremely close to it.  They are extremely difficult to find in any condition, but good to original condition is next to impossible.  This one I was lucky to get on a trade.  It was a great piece to start with, but I have very gently optimized it by cleaning up the tip rail and balancing the rails only.  The piece has not been opened or radically altered from its original configuration.  It plays exceptionally well and just has a specifically great voice.

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Otto Link Tonemaster refaced .096

This is an interesting piece in that it has an early Tonemaster body style yet shows a later 3 digit serial from the ‘improved’ model.  On the opposite side the normal Patent stamps are missing.  I am wondering if this was a prototype or transition to the improved model?  Anyhow it’s been refaced to 0.96.  Someone has installed a wedge baffle that I removed and did some minor cleanup as well.  This piece has a lot of potential, could use a little work.

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Selmer SBA (Super Action) Tenor Saxophone 45xxx original Mint

Most most luscious amazing vintage piece; SBA monster of subtly and swagger.  This one is 45xxx still right in the Coltrane model design period.  There is little to say other than it is amazing.  It is nearly brand new, has newer pads and plays excellently.  A few seconds look at the pics and you will understand.  Plays definitely as good or better than it looks. Super collector’s item.  Don’t ask about the price if you are going to be triggered.

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Vintage Otto Link and Dukoff Treasure trove

Vintage Otto Link & Dukoff Tenor Piece sale. These are consignment so I will try to do the best I can for my friend. Feel free to make offers, demand determines flexibility. Message me, Thanks!
Otto Link FL/EB Trans. .097 Theo Wanne Optimized $$850


Otto Link FL no USA Original 6 .095 CLEAN $1500
Otto Link FL 5 copy-casting, no makers sign, good blank $350

Otto Link FL Slant Sig. 7 no USA Original near mint

Amazingly well preserved original near mint Otto Link ‘slant signature’ mid-period Florida (no USA) 7 tenor piece.  This is really exceptionally difficult to find, now.  The original table milling marks are fully present, as well as the original facing and tip finish, nothing has been done to this piece.  It appears to have been played just very little and shows no significant wear, some normal scuff or scratches but that’s it.  I measured this piece at exactly .100″ which again is also rare.

It has the typical idiosyncratic facing curve that Ben Harrod was applying to these links at that time, slightly short on the front end of the facing, which produces a characteristic brightness with a bit of resistance and a fast response.  While the underlying tone is darker and very colorful and complex, the response actually comes out very edgy and cutting due to that facing and the moderate baffle they crafted.  This piece, however is very flexible if one learns how to manipulate it.  it can easily go from the Stan Getz classic slant sig vibe to a Sonny Rollins or more aggressive very easily.  It is a phenomenal playing early example of really the best design of the slant sig FL.

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Meyer Bros NY Original MINT condition 5M Medium with color variance (SOLD)

Here we have a very rare nearly new Meyer Bros. New York alto 5M Medium Chamber.  This piece shows very little wear, a few minor scuffs.  The table and facing finish are 100% original showing the original ‘cloudy’ milling pattern and very fine tip rail.  All surfaces are sharp and original stock Meyer finishing.  You will notice the old hard rubber has some color variance likely due to light exposure.

I have played this piece and some of the world’s most celebrated saxophone artists have also tried it and felt it was exceptionally great.  It is generally felt that this particular piece plays with the depth complexity and color one would desire in the best of these vintage Meyers without succumbing to the overly bright or shrill tendencies of many refaced examples, as this baffle has been untouched.

Simply this is one of the absolute best and balanced examples of this rare model. Due to the rarity, condition and playability of course it is not cheap.  There are very few like this available.

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Otto Link Early FL Slant Sig .097 Optimized Tenor (SOLD)

I am selling this one for a friend; an excellent playing Early Florida slant signature Otto Link.  Originally a 4* size, I opened it and carefully optimized it to .097 tip with a moderate baffle and finish in the original style of these pieces. This is a very big, complex player with a lot of color and a nimbleness as well.

It is not a mind museum piece, it has discoloration, some surface wear and scratching etc, but the functional surfaces are in excellent working order and it’s generally in very good condition. Video is accurate I think.




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