Joshua Redman’s 1956 MK VI 62xxx tenor, Wonderful Player & Collector’s Treasure

This is Joshua Redman’s 62k MK VI tenor, original US lacquer and engraving and nearly mint condition.  He used this on his reunion tour in 2002 with Brad Meldau, Christian McBride, and Brian Blade. He had this set up to his preference and the overhaul is tight and slick.  This horn has a rather massive lush and complex vibe to it, delivered bright and immediate, wonderfully flexible. The photos you see here are before the overhaul, and he says a little cleaning might be in order after use on tour and sessions etc.  It has been put through its paces by one of the best. See and hear it live here-

This horn is exactly as great as one would expect to have been selected among many by Joshua Redman. It is definitely among the best early VI’s to be found, still has a bit of SBA in it with that MK VI width and edge on the sound. This horn will include paperwork from Redman.  I have the pleasure of helping him rearrange some horns.  Feel free to message with questions and interest.