Selmer Super (Balanced) Action 48xxx original, cosmetic blemish KILLER player (SOLD)

I’ve taken this horn on a trade, a truly excellent and classic sounding SBA tenor 48xxx.  This has a great amount of depth and lyricism in the sound propelled by an awesome power.  I high degree of ‘bluenotability’ with this such that every note tells a story, feeling and sounding like a classic recording at the moment it’s played.

The lacquer is original and the US engraving very nice and sharp. It’s got a nice darker finish color as well, but it is by no means a museum piece. This horn has lived a few lives and has some repair history which is why it is not priced at the upper end of SBA tenors, but an original for just a bit more than the average relacquer.

This is obviously a horn for a real player, someone who can match it’s poetic vibe and drive it, but also not for those who’s OCD will be bothered by a non-pristine horn. Cosmetcis aside, I don’t think I have ever played a better SBA tenor.



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