Selmer MK VI 80xxx Original US lac/engraving Needs overhaul nice condition

Here is a rather hard to find serial number, early MK VI alto from around 1959.  This is the tail end of the first example of the medium bow designs.  The lacquer is obviously original, quite dark with a nice color.  This horn has been sitting quite a while, has a lot of dust and eroded old pads.  All the original metal tone-x resonators are present (only had rivets on the palm keys), neck is also original and serial numbered.  There is some corrosion present but this will also come off easily enough.  There have been some minor bruises over the years, the octave level was bent, but all the screws are free and it is ready to have a full overhaul as it currently is not at all playable.  I may end up working on it at some point but someone else should probably get it going and play it before I take a long time to get to that point.