Selmer MK VI 79xxx Tenor Beautiful Original Treasure

Here we have a really strikingly nice condition original 1959 MARK VI tenor; original US lacquer and engraving, matching neck and nice overhaul with metal resos. We all know what these are, late 70k-early 90k tenors are a particular thing.  Of course it is a spectrum with usually a bit more focus and buzz and warmth on the 70k end leading to a bit more power, acceleration and booming bottom on the late 80k-early90k end- your mileage may vary.

This being right on the cusp of the 80k run has qualities associated with both 80k and 70k being that it is kind of buzzy, focused and warm (very warm) and yet also has some of the expanse and power of the 80’s. The pads are very recent and it’s playing quite nicely.

The lacquer is probably 98-99% present and all original.  There is no significant damage or repair of any kind that I see on this horn.  The bottom bow, bell, body and neck are all basically structurally perfect with the exception of a few TINY dings and scratches. I am still getting to know this horn, but it is definitely one of those unicorn minty rarities at this serial number and with that special tone to power ratio. Not very easy to find one like this now.