Selmer MK VI 76xxx players treasure

This 76k tenor is all original.  US engraving, original lacquer, most of the original resos.  A few pads were missing so I put in a few cheap pads and a bit of regulation to get it running.  It will need a full overhaul and a bath, but at the moment it plays huge with a somewhat dark core and a very loud mid range cutting edge.  It has no resistance (other than the stuffy old pads) and is a real joy to play.

There is (obviously) some play wear on the left side, the bell flare has a very minor repaired crease.  Expect that this horn will need some normal work  but it is a wonderfully colorful, rich, and punchy original 1958 tenor, very very promising for a setup.



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Mystery 40k SBA Original just arrived

This is an excellent Coltrane year/model SBA 40k that just arrived.  This one will definitely need a complete overhaul but it’s going to be that magical creature when done.  Wow! and look at that rare and excellent original case!

This has original US engraving and dark lacquer.  The neck is in beautiful condition and the bell as well.  This horn HAS been played and it has two repairs: the lower guard foot at Eb had a dent and the foot was damaged and the area repaired.  The tonehole is fine and the bow is nice and round, it is just cosmetic at this point.  The upper G rib was slightly unattached at the front and this was tacked down.

Now, the pads on this horn are currently horrible, YUCK! They are degrading, soft, rotten and covered in some kind of wax-like substance, maybe it is polish of some kind?  Anyhow they are disgusting and they are also leaking like a vintage British motorcycle, leaking horribly.  I was prepared to have a miserable feeling when playing it because honestly there is not a single pad that is not leaking and rotten, yet it has a truly amazing response.  This actually annoyed me.  It is better than many other horns, and with these pads it really should not be.


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Selmer Balanced Action Tenor 23k Unique Curiosity

This is a very interesting horn.  Serial number 23xxx, an earlier Balanced Action, it is set up with metal resonators and is in pretty good playing condition.  The pads could at least do with a bit of reseating and adjusting.  I have not looked deeply into it yet.  It has a wonderful crisp and rich response.

The unique thing about this horn (besides its sound) is that it appears to have been made without engraving and then sent to the Selmer factory to be relacquered and engraved with the current engraving of the late 1940’s-early 1950’s (SBA) Super Action style.  It is quite obvious to me that this had to have been done at the factory.  The lacquer color is also appropriate to the SBA time period.  The horn does not appear to have been buffed and there is no evidence (in any way) of prior engraving under the SBA pattern, so it is just very unusual and interesting.

This horn is beautiful and just has a phenomenal sound that will never be recreated. It is a joy to play.



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Otto Link True Early Babbitt Beautiful Original 7 Tenor Piece

This is the true ‘Early Babbitt’, not the later pieces that look a bit similar with the weak baffle, and not the earlier straight signature (late) Florida piece either.  This has the tell-tale denim table, sharper drop to the beak, and the longer baffle and higher floor.  This plays with the proper amount of power and color and is very very hard to find in near perfect condition at facing 7.

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Bob Dukoff “Stubbie” Originals 6 & 6*

Wonderful old early Dukoff models, the so called ‘Stubbie’ is a one piece casting with a large chamber and rounded inner walls similar to the Link Tonemaster.  They have a somewhat high floor and a slightly differently shaped chamber resulting in a bit more buzz and airspeed than the Tonemaster, but it is still a very vintage response; a big round and warm sound with a bit more buzz.

These two are excellent original facings.  The 6 measures at about 0.095 and wants a slightly harder reed and the 6* measures at 0.096. They are both actually excellent payers and very satisfying.