Selmer “Super Sax” 14xxx Baritone, beautiful early Bari (on hold)

Wonderful early Selmer Bari, “SuperSax” in fine condition.  I cannot say if the lacquer finish is original or not but it’s a nice color and looks correct.  This horn has seen some life, easily at this age, but it is also in quite good condition for its age.  It has some normal dings, not very significant.  Someone, sometime in the past fabricated really nice extra supports for areas on the upper bows.  These supports appear to me to be silver, or nickel silver and they have quite nice rounded contours.  It appears to me that these were preventative rather than the result of any damage, just due to the size of them and the high quality of workmanship.

The original neck is present as is the case.  The pads are OLD and will absolutely need work.  I would not call this ‘playing’ at the moment at all, but everything is present, and in quite good condition.  I think most folks know these early Selmer Bari’s have a specially great warm tone.