Dukoff Hollywood V-series 6 ‘Marinated’ to .098-excellent!

Here is a wonderful rare later model (two piece casting) round chamber Dukoff Hollywood.  This shows a V-serial which is right in the best of these rounded side wall models.  The baffles vary from non existent to prominent and this one came to me already with a rather prominent baffle.  It was not in the best condition so I have restored and optimized this to an absolutely great player.  It plays fat resonant and colorful like a great tonemaster (which would also take work to get to normally) but the center is much more compact and projecting.  It has a rich under-color while presenting a very delicate beautiful bright shimmer on top.  Only these pieces particularly will do this kind of thing. Even the sister piece made by Zimberoff, in my experience will not do exactly this although they tend towards more powerful.  This is a rare situation, great playing piece.