Otto Link Double Ring NY .100 Marinated & Excellent Rarity

Here we have a very rare and wonderful tenor piece; Otto Link NY double ring with the outlandishly long biteplate.  Who’s idea was the long biteplate?!  That long biteplate is the reason these pieces are the least common to be opened up to large sizes (or any sizes) by ambitious refacers.  Of course that can be a good thing, meaning there are still some originals left out there, or at least some pieces that are not huge sizes.  it is pretty common for people to mess them up or just tear them all open to huge sizes because currently only a few people know how to play 5-6 facings like the old days when these were made.

I very careful restored and optimized this to .100 (7) from the original dinged up 5 and it’s really quite a player.  Slightly darker and wider than a FL double ring, it has a beautiful complex tone and an ease of play that is extremely satisfying.  Good luck finding early (New York) double rings that are not totally destroyed or play in any kind of near decent way.  This is definitely among the best!