Woodwind Co. (Dukoff) Stubbie Original 6* .100 Exceptional Rarity

This is a lifetime of vintage mouthpiece hunting treasure, Woodwind Co. finished and branded Stubbie at .100.  Woodwind Co. had it’s own precision facing outfit, and many vintage Otto Links from the 1950’s were taken there for custom facings.  Their finishes were usually better and more precise than Otto Link of the early period, and they were FAR better than Dukoff finishes. Woodwind brand are the best of the Stubbies with good facings and very nicely finished tips, unlike Dukoff and much worse, Zimberoff.

This one is an original 6* that measures right at .100 and the original finish is beautiful with rather thin and even tip and side rails and a moderate baffle.  The chamber is of course slightly large heading towards Link Tonemaster but the floor is higher so it is a faster mouthpiece with a bit of punch and buzz as well. There are a scant number of Stubbies out there for sale, but there are nearly no Woodwind models, and as far as I have seen, none at .100, ever.  I am not keen to sell this and may not, but even if I part with it I will be quite picky as to who gets it.  I would hate to see this altered.