Berg Larsen Stainless 120/1/Offset M (denim table) “marinated”

This piece is quite a player.  It had denim table, with some rust and I cleaned that up.  The tip and rail work were spectacular, probably done by Berg himself.  I left most of that as it was with just some very gentle adjustment and clean up. The facing curve I adapted to the new clean table.  The tip measures .118 at the inner tip rail so likely to be right on .120 at the end. This piece plays really amazingly well.  It’s big, larger than I normally play, but still it plays very sparkly and defined for me.

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Otto Link Slant Sig 7 FL MARIN SPIVACK custom “Orphan Slant”

Marin Spivack custom (Otto Link) Slant signature .100 tip size.  I acquired this piece as a New/old stock later Florida Otto Link unbranded blank that had been finished by Link with the normal horizonal table milling and long clamshell baffle of this model period.  It was a smaller tip size and as usual the original Link table was concaved (AKA “french curve”) which just makes these very reed picky and unreliable, not to mention not very tight players.

I have spared no effort in doing absolutely everything great to this mouthpiece and it will outplay 99% of slant sigs (or their cheap copies) available anywhere.  I have a loyal fanbase who know my work and craftsmanship style specifically.  I always approach pieces from the perspective of a player, which I was long before taking on this craft.  This is a beautiful piece but it is a player’s piece.  It is very aggressive and edge yet has a huge depth and resonance to it.  So for folks who like clarity definition and sparkle on top of a huge dark core this would be that thing.  It is not a shy piece, but also not a modern piece, although it’s response probably IS modern just by way of precision and ease.

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Otto Link Florida DOUBLE RING WT facing, original rarity

Beautiful original Otto Link Double Ring WT (Wolfe Tanenbaum) facing.  This piece is significantly bright and edgy with a smaller tip size that plays big- special facing curve. These are very hard to find and are popular for just that reason; they play bright and fast.  Someone has applied a somewhat homemade biteplate but it does appear to function well.

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