Otto Link FL Double Ring Marinated .103 Excellent! (SOLD)

Here is a piece I have kept around for quite some time.  It is VERY VERY great. Tip size at .103 is quite in the middle of optimal for the compromise of power and center. This setup is very close to my personal daily player. It is bright, warm, has focus, but also spread, and an ocean of color.  I would say this is not at all a dark piece, but it is just a hair backed off of the far end of bright on the spectrum just due to the influence of the bog body of sound this one has.

This still has a lot of its original gold plating on the body. While there are always different flavors to be found, in my experience there is no better double ring to be found.  This is the thing and mostly they cannot be found.

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Otto Link FL Double Ring Marinated .097 Excellent!

These are in high demand and now just harder and harder to find.  Those who have good ones mostly are not letting them go.  This one is at .097 which is a classic and great tip size for these, with the crisp detail of a slightly smaller size, yet still plays very big and expansive. Coltrane’s facings were all under 6* from what I heard, which makes a lot of sense given the bright, present sound he got.  This type of compact crispness can only be achieved under .100″.

I received this piece in poor setup and put a very responsive facing and tip finish on it in the traditional style.  The baffle was not low to start with and I have not tried to alter that further.  It is definitely on the bright side for Links, FL double rings in general were not especially dark in original condition either, until you get to larger tip sizes. This one is quite a detailed shimmering player with a lot of body.  I have no complaints about this piece, and could play it with a stiff 2.5 or harder as needed.

The nickel plating you see there is original, obviously with some wear to it.  It would have gold over that as well originally, for pieces of this particular period. For those who have been looking for a great playing double ring, this will not last long.

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Otto Link Alto Master Link (2 of them) very nice condition

These are wonderful early Link treasures.  We have two, both marked “master Link” and one of them also marked “four star”.  The body barrel of the ‘four star’ model is slightly wider and longer but otherwise they appear quite similar.

The previous owner had both of these sent to a professional refacing outfit that was most likely Babbitt due to the presence of clear denim milling on the table and rails.  The likely babbitt reface is very very clean and intact with no further alterations.  They have both been very nicely gold plated as well, of which all seems to remain intact also.  Both pieces measure around .070 (Otto Link 5*).

Large chamber early alto Links with clean (babbitt) factory facings at a slightly larger than original size that is very comfortable for alto. Original ligatures included for each.

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Otto Link NY ‘Slant’ Eburnated Bar faced to .107

The very early ‘slant sig’ models sharing the same time period and aesthetic as the ‘Master Link’ and ‘Four Star’ models.  These have a large round chamber, quite scooped out and tend to play big and dark.  That darkness can be offset to some degree with baffle.  This one has had a facing to quite a large tip size for these.

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Otto Link Straight Sig Late FL 5 Original

Here we have a very very nice original (100% authentic) late Florida Otto Link ‘straight signature’ tenor piece at it’s original 5 facing, unaltered and a wonderful player as well.  Body is quite clean, facing curve untouched, tip in good shape, original long clamshell baffle (hand finished) and original table milling obvious and present.  They don’t get much nicer than this.  Most of the examples we see for sale out there now are fakes, this is real and these are hard to find.  Generally these are a bit more powerful than slant sig but mostly the same mouthpiece, probably the best of the hard rubber Florida models for projection.

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Otto Link Early FL Serialed 8 (tenor) Optimized

Here we have an otto Link 8 with a serial number of the early Florida production.  These serial numbered pieces are either exactly the same as a FL double ring inside or extremely close to it.  They are extremely difficult to find in any condition, but good to original condition is next to impossible.  This one I was lucky to get on a trade.  It was a great piece to start with, but I have very gently optimized it by cleaning up the tip rail and balancing the rails only.  The piece has not been opened or radically altered from its original configuration.  It plays exceptionally well and just has a specifically great voice.

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