Otto Link Tonemaster Original 5*

This piece is an original earlier model Tonemaster.  It currently shows a lot of (what I think is) nickel plating, most of the original gold plating is gone.  Some corrosion is present on the table area, not very significant.  It has lived a bit, probably could be optimized but generally in very good condition.  The tip still has a good amount of metal on it should someone want to open it up, but what is really remarkable is the very significant original baffle, which these usually do not have.

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Otto Link FL no USA 9 Serialed Early model Marinated .110

Here we have a very early Florida Super ToneMaster.  Displaying a serial number, this was produced directly after the ‘Double Ring” series, and from my perspective it might as well be a double ring because the response is very close.  The only difference I can spot in a consistent general way would be that these play a little less buzzy and a little more substantial core than the double rings usually do but that really varies anyhow.

This piece was stamped 9 originally and needed some cleanup, it was also never a modern 9 tip size. I have restored and optimized this to .110 (Otto Link 8) and it is hard to describe exactly how amazing it is.  I don’t comfortably play this size but I am considering it just because this one is so great.  It has the classic early Link vibe that can only be found with these particular pieces.

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Selmer SBA (Super Action) Tenor Saxophone 41xxx original near new

This is exactly the Coltrane model, Bluetrane, Giant Steps, Soultrane etc. 41xxx and nearly brand new.  It has all original pads and resos, lacquer still on the edges, could use a bit of tweaking but plays awesomely right now. Amazing crisp bright popping sound, saoring highs with the big bottom and compression. Just like the other 45xxx that recently sold here, this is just one of those things as good as it looks and it sure looks.

This level of instrument usually sells quietly without publicly posted sales so the only people who know what they really sell for are the seller and the buyer.  This is one of the nicest examples I’ve ever found and there are very few to be found now, so I will gladly keep it until and unless I am quite compelled to let it go. For those who are expecting a ‘reasonable’ price, best not to bother to ask.  There is nothing reasonable about this horn.

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Otto Link FL no USA 9* Original Apex Tenor Piece

This is an excellent example of the archetypal large tip size earlier Florida Link. For some unknown reason these larger tip sizes on the earlier FL really had a special thing.  They play big and very flexible, but if you get the right model they also play somehow unexpectedly easy for that size.  It’s a trick of facing and finish I guess, just the way they made these.  I’ve had many 9’s and 10’s that did just this thing, reliably.

This one is in very nice condition, untouched and not abused.  It measures at around .130 on my tools and blows very complex and easy for the size with a very significant original baffle.



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Otto Link USA 7 (.105) Optimized

This is a wonderful late FL USA stamped 7 facing that plays excellently. I have trued and optimized this facing and tip.  The finish over most of the mouthpiece is very nice yet there is some staining of the plating on the table due to a reed left attached long term I imagine.  This piece plays in a compact and concise way with a very nice flat step baffle similar to late FL hard rubber pieces of the same time period.  It has a lot of complexity and a great buzz and depth to it. Tip size.105 and set up with an older traditional Otto Link Facing curve.

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Selmer MK VI soprano 73xxx Original engraved & premium overhaul Amazing player

I am not keen to sell this horn.  It took me years to find and it is wonderful, but it is sitting at the moment, probably should be played more.  It is an original lac. European market fully engraved 1957 first year MK VI soprano #73xxx.  I restored it with new pads and metal resonators and it is very nicely set up tight with all toneholes level and keys fitted, it’s a beautiful experience to play.

More to follow-

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