Otto Link FL no USA Short Shank (early) High Baffle 7 original nr MINT!!

Super rare and desirable Otto Link Early Florida ‘shorty’ stamped 7 for tenor.  The shank on these is shorter than all the other FL models.  The baffle is rather huge by FL Link standard.  It is nearly brand new in condition, a little depression on the biteplate because this mouthpiece is really so great it was definitely played, but al the gold plate is present, looks excellent.

This piece is really pretty bright for a Link, nimble and speaks very well.  What can I say?  I enjoyed it very much.

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Otto Link Slant Sig 7 FL Original MINT .105 Amazing Vintage Set

Otto Link Slant Sig later Florida model MINT condition 7!  This has the original table milling, original facing and tip, original preferred long and high baffle. Included is the original box, cap and aa specially great original ligature model that works so well on this piece.

This is THE piece right here.  The tip measures (for me) at .105 although it is original and stamped 7.  I has that particular FL facing curve with a slightly smaller facing and larger tip so it plays very very comfortably and although a 7* in actuality it feels more like a 7 with better venting to me.

This is of course an extremely difficult model, size and condition to find.  it is an absolutely exemplary player, just fantastic.  It needs no facing or adjustment it just goes like fireworks with an edgy brightness yet colorful and moderate-dark core.  Truly wonderful mouthpiece in basically perfect condition.

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Otto Link True Early Babbitt Beautiful Original 7 Tenor Piece

This is the true ‘Early Babbitt’, not the later pieces that look a bit similar with the weak baffle, and not the earlier straight signature (late) Florida piece either.  This has the tell-tale denim table, sharper drop to the beak, and the longer baffle and higher floor.  This plays with the proper amount of power and color and is very very hard to find in near perfect condition at facing 7.

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Bob Dukoff “Stubbie” Originals 6 & 6*

Wonderful old early Dukoff models, the so called ‘Stubbie’ is a one piece casting with a large chamber and rounded inner walls similar to the Link Tonemaster.  They have a somewhat high floor and a slightly differently shaped chamber resulting in a bit more buzz and airspeed than the Tonemaster, but it is still a very vintage response; a big round and warm sound with a bit more buzz.

These two are excellent original facings.  The 6 measures at about 0.095 and wants a slightly harder reed and the 6* measures at 0.096. They are both actually excellent payers and very satisfying.

Selmer SBA (Super Action) Tenor Saxophone 41xxx original near new

This is exactly the Coltrane model, Bluetrane, Giant Steps, Soultrane etc. 41xxx and nearly brand new.  It has all original pads and resos, lacquer still on the edges, could use a bit of tweaking but plays awesomely right now. Amazing crisp bright popping sound, saoring highs with the big bottom and compression. Just like the other 45xxx this is just one of those things as good as it looks and it sure looks.  Serious inquiries only, you know the deal, collector’s items-

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Selmer SBA (Super Action) Tenor Saxophone 45xxx original Mint

Most most luscious amazing vintage piece; SBA monster of subtly and swagger.  This one is 45xxx still right in the Coltrane model design period.  There is little to say other than it is amazing.  It is nearly brand new, has newer pads and plays excellently.  Could use a little quieting but what a thrill!  A few seconds look at the pics and you will understand.  Plays definitely as good or better than it looks. Super collector’s item.  Don’t ask about the price if you are going to be triggered.

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Otto Link “Missing Link” 4-Ring Transitional Rare Mouthpiece (Part 1)

I just got this amazingly rare and special piece, an otto Link 4-ring transitional piece from Tonemaster to ‘Super’ Tonemaster; this is the first Super Tonemaster before the ‘Double Ring”.  It is a NY production piece from the Otto Link (not Florida, Ben Harrod).  This has the first super tonemaster body and from my feeling a slightly different chamber from Tonemaster as well, but not exactly the same as double ring.  Of course the double rings models vary plenty amongst themselves but this still feels a bit different to me.



This type of piece was immortalized in photos of John Coltrane, specifically this set by Charles Stewart taken in 1964.  He was always switching mouthpieces of course but it is interesting that this is somewhere near the ‘Love Supreme” recording time period.

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