Otto Link Slant Sig Early FL 5* Original 

Here we have a very nice original example of the earliest Florida model of hard rubber Tone-Edge.  The body of these is on the shorter side, a steep drop to the beak, and a specifically bevelled shank.  The chamber is probably slightly smaller than NY versions and slightly larger than late Fl versions.  This one is original with evident horizontal milling on the table, and original rail and baffle finish.  The baffle is somewhat long and subtle rollover, and with a slightly high floor in general this piece really packs a punch.  I played a vintage Rico 3 reed on this and it played both very fat, and also aggressive and edgy. Honestly I felt like I was playing a 7.  The tip size I measured at .080. This piece is missing nothing and delivers a crisp sound one can only get in smaller sizes.  It has been played over years, which is not surprising due to the fact that it’s great.  There were some tooth indentations on the bite area that I temporarily filled and patched over.  Tip rails shows some action but I would not touch this. Plays, feels and works great.