Selmer Super (Balanced) Action “SBA” Tenor 35xxx

This is a wonderful old player’s horn made in 1948.  The serial number is 35xxx and it is a very interesting one in that it is a transitional or experimental design model.  This is a true SBA as indicated by the improved bow to body band that has screws and is removable for better ease of bow repair.  However, early SBA’s usually have the lower foot of the low B guard attached to the bow to bell ring, as they had a slightly shorter bell than the later design starting at usually around 38xxx.  This long bell version starting around 38xxx was the model played by Coltrane, somewhere around 40xxx and has superior intonation to the early SBA models, resolving a slightly sharp set of bell notes.

Interesting here is that this is clearly an experimental or transitional model that would be replicated consistently in the later SBA models.  This early 35xxx has the long bell of the later 38xxx as can be seen by the position of the low B guard foot.  This means some intonation issues will be better and also the tone may be altered.  I would love to know myself but I don’t have time to overhaul this horn to get a clear idea of it’s character.  What I do know for sure is that early SBA’s have the most excellent tone in general and can be even more vocal, warm and organic sounding than the post 38xxx models.  The tone is just very poetic.

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Selmer SBA Low Bb Baritone Unbelievable Rarity 44xxx Original, Nearly Perfect Unicorn

1951 is the year, “Super Action” (SBA) or “Super Balanced Action” baritone low Bb near perfect original US engraved masterpiece.  This horn is 100% UNMOLESTED.  It has a few TINY dings and scuffs, some honest wear, just a little and otherwise it is structurally perfect and nearly cosmetically untouched.  It is SO rare to find one of these that has survived in this state.

According to Douglass Pipher this: “Selmer 44xxx is a US-Market baritone. It shipped in March 1951 as part of a batch of 30 Saxophones. (11 Altos, 13 Tenors and 6 Baritones)”

There simply were not many of these made and far far less of them still surviving in undamaged condition!

This has ALL original pads and resonators, never had an overhaul.  The pearls are not worn, this had not been played much, but right now, it DOES PLAY, though should receive some attention.  This has not been cleaned or anything, just exactly as revealed in the 1951 case, so there are a few insignificant water or strapping stains showing. The body, neck and upper brace all share the same 44xxx serial number (that has been obscured in the photos).  This amazing jewel of Selmer model history and craftsmanship IS for sale but will not be shipped.  Drop in, and fly this treasure out.  This is for the top pro and/or collectors.  Thanks for looking!

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Beautiful 105xxx Selmer MK VI Tenor Original!

Rare nice condition 105xxx MK VI tenor, original lacquer, original pads etc, feels lovely on the hands and easy on the ears and eyes as well.  This has a wonderful punchy, crisp & sizzling, projecting live sound! Has some minor bumps & bruises from use. The original neck is great, never had any pulldown, just some normal lacquer wear from hands. Bell has never been bent. This horn really has that sparkle that many look for.  It has been used and is not perfect but still very nice looking and will be a real world class player when set up really well.  Thanks for looking!



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King Super 20 #313xxx Original Full Pearls Overhaul, Treasure Horn

This King is my personal player. It has full pearls, original lacquer and a lot of it even still on the neck. It has a nice overhaul done by someone else, not sure whom, but it plays like a champ with an absolutely huge sound contrasted by a very nice compact compression that is a bit rare for Kings, which is why I kept this one for myself for a long time. I would say this horn is really on the bright side for Kings. It is tons of fun, very loud and has a lot of color, killer Jazz horn but easily handles RnB and electric volume.

This horn lacks nothing accept someone to play it. It’s been sitting here because for whatever reason, habit of mouth comfort I suppose, I tend towards the MK VI. This is not a horn I planned to sell, nor want to sell. I don’t NEED to sell it either but I simply don’t want to see it sitting as it is too damn good.

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Selmer MK VI Soprano #146xxx 1966-67 My Favorite Horny-Thing

Here we have a beautiful vintage piece, Selmer MK VI soprano 146xxx in strikingly fresh and shiny original US lacquer with original pads and set in very nice playing condition.  Essentially, this horn is nearly new.  It is super responsive and sonorous with a great lively warmth to it. I completely enjoy blowing this one and would be perfectly happy to have it as my main soprano, as would most people who like MK VI’s.  There is nothing to disappoint on this one.  There are basically no issues, damage etc, just a great horn from the 1960’s just as great as everyone says they are.



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Selmer MK VI 99xxx Prime Model Year Complex Ringer

This Selmer MK VI tenor is within the excellent 80-90xxx model range with the solid key guards.  I bought this horn originally after playing it and noticing it was nearly identical to the way my 87xxx felt with its original pads on it; a huge ringing open and extremely even sound throughout the range.  This horn has original pads, resonators factory key heights and everything.

Of course the US engraving and lacquer are original.  It is a bonus that this is one of those horns with really dark lacquer that has either a green or copper tint depending on the light.  The body and neck are in excellent structural condition with only very few minor dings, normal scratches and some speckle, and no resolders.  This horn has not been abused at all, and probably played very little.

This horn has that booming, dark+bright lyrical crying sound that most Selmer player love.  It needs the overhaul of your choice, as the pads are very old, but it is currently playing within certain limits.  The bottom is not subtoning all that great at the moment, but this is sold as is, original for a new owner to setup fresh.  It is going to be amazing!



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Selmer MK VI Tenor Saxophone #149xxx Shockingly Impressive!

This here is a vintage 1967 Selmer MK VI tenor.  Someone with the knowledge has told me that this was the model year Stan Getz preferred in later years. The condition is EXCELLENT!  I don’t think this horn has been played much at all.  There is no structural damage that I can see at all, no past repairs, no damage beyond scratches corrosion and tiny dings.  The bow, bell, neck, and body are all simply excellent shape.

The lacquer is original from 1967, and so is everything else except the neck cork which is new.  The pads are also from 1967 and strangely, they play very very well.  If you look carefully you will notice the ring of original lacquer around the outside of the pads. Take a look at my video and you may be as shocked as I was.  This horn basically feels like a new horn and plays like one.  This really just feels like 1967 out of the box.  Although it shows some lacquer spotting the pads and the setup is truly great.  It is ready to take to the gig right-now, no question. At some point one might want to overhaul it just to have fresh pads, but in terms of playing it really does not need them at the moment.

In my estimation the sound is huge.  It has a wonderful modern edgy MK VI sound, very loud, but it also has an impressive spread and depth that really does remind me of 1960 models in some ways.  This is NOT a small nor simple sound. It plays so clean and fun, with edge but also a lot of darkness.  All round this is a truly excellent horn in excellent condition that is a thrill to play.



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