Selmer MK VI 85xxx Original US engraved HT apex overhaul Beautiful Condition

Here we have the much vaunted mid-80k tenor of legend.  This is right at the apex, 85k serial, original US lacquer at about 99.5% preserved state with some age speckle.  US Elkhart engraved, original matched neck, factory sharp pearls, and a high class overhaul ready to go.

There are none of what I would call “dents” on this horn and never have been.  There were a few tiny scuffs on the horn, just tiny stuff that you would hard pressed to even find.  It’s very close to new condition.  The neck had minor flex to it, revealing that the horn has been played; the angle and contour are correct for the model period.

The horn was overhauled from the ground up; custom pad order, pad treatment, nickel plated brass mostly Tonex 5-digit selmer resos with some resotech fill-ins. Balanced approach key fitting, toneholes conservatively leveled and dressed, old school cork &felt, nice neck fit etc.  The key action is open enough but not huge, the balance between speaking and speed.

This is a horn that has the expected sound for the mid 80k period but is perhaps uncharacteristically focused and loud.  It is not what I would call a spread horn.  It has a powerful bright edge that some of the earlier mid 80k’s lack.  It is not the wide lush sofa you might find at 82k.  It is more of an edgy power puncher with a raspy edge that offers some spring to push against.

Minty (nearly new) original US 85k tenors are not easily available these days.