Otto Link Early Babbitt STM 10 original PLAYER

Here is a rather hard to find mouthpiece for a particular player who likes to go big.  This is a wonderful denim tabled original EB Link with a rather huge significant baffle adding a big shot of bright buzz and sizzle on a huge wide sound.  The big baffle and the specific shape of it helps stop that big sound from getting lost or too diffuse which can happen with large tipped Links.

This piece is measuring over .125 on my tools which means it is probably .130. It’s been used, has some scratching and plating age but it’s overall in good shape. The biteplate has a little spot of wear but not something I would bother about.  I noticed that the material above the table (inside the chamber) is quite thin which tells me that essentially this chamber is not so big.  This is the secret to a great playing EB Link.

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Selmer Elkhart NY (Zimberoff Supersonic) ‘Marinated’ .100 Excellent Vintage Player

This is a custom Marin Spivack setup vintage piece that starts with the same blank used for the Dukoff/Zimberoff “House of note” Supersonic model.  This blank was used by Zimberoff, Selmer, George Bundy, and several others names as well from probably the early 1950’s to the 1970’s.  It is a very good blank very much akin to the Otto Link Slant signature Tone Edge of those time periods.  It has a round chamber with scooped walls and yet not an extremely large chamber, which is why (if setup properly) they will have a similar power to a Slant Link or a straight sig FL Link.

This is the later version of the blank which features a slightly longer shank, as the early shorter ones tend to play a bit sharper and have to be pretty far out on the cork.  This is the same inside (and mostly outside) but solves that issue.

This one was custom set up from the ground up to a tip size of .100 and a medium shelf baffle.  it plays with a  very fat and solid booming tone with just the right amount of edge for clarity.  I would say it may be a bit brighter than most stock Florida Slant signature Links, but I would not consider this extremely bright either, a very nice balance with a lot of clarity and a solid tone one can lean into.

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Brilhart “Hard Rubber” Marinated .098 Exc. Player with sizzle

Excellent old Brilhart “hard rubber” model. Originally a very small tip as most were, I’ve opened this to ,098 with a bit of baffle.  It blows fat, flexible and kind of bouncy with some shimmer on top, very much fun. Although these are often compared to slant Links, they have their own vibe.  On the power/tone color scale I would say this is probably equal to a very good early Florida slant Link, maybe a touch brighter.

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Conn 10M original lacquer #277xxx good pads beautiful condition massive player

This Conn 10M is a wonderful player, wide, loud, flexible, nimble and complex sound.  The finish is original, and in good condition, flaking in some spots but all honest wear.  The pads are not new but they are functioning, could use updating when the right time comes along. Serial #277xxx, has original case.  There are some dings and minor blemishes present but nothing serious, and all could be smoothed out pretty easily.  This is every bit as good as these are said to be, and this is a very good model period.

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Selmer Balanced Action 24xxx ORIGINAL rarity

This is a beautiful 24k Balanced Action alto in original lacquer and US engraving, a very rare find.  This horn has an absolutely beautiful sound but will requires some attention to function at 100%.  Pads will need help and some solder joints at the bell brace that are traditional weak-points for old Balanced Actions may warrant some review as well, although they are currently stable.  The sound is unrivaled and the condition is very good and difficult to find.

Original case and mouthpiece included!

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