Horned Toad’s Select Collection Vintage Reproductions

I am working on a new project of small batch high quality reproduction of the best and personal favorite tenor mouthpieces out of my decades long acquired collection, most of which are very rare and hard to find, some of which are impossible to find.   In many years of mouthpiece hunting, collecting, selling and restoring vintage pieces I have gathered a unique and special array of some of the best pieces in the world from the perspective of someone who really likes vintage Links and Bergs.  I never had a super modern sound and still tend to gravitate to my vintage Links and Bergs.  I have collected, played and sold a huge number of them but I kept the pieces that worked best for me and at this point some of them need to be shared, and at least preserved as in some cases I only have one and will never see another.

I am going to try to keep these as affordable as I can considering manufacturing costs. There is some investment required and all hand finish will be done by myself.  I have at the moment 6 models I am considering.  In the first run all pieces will be produced in the exact facings they are current set at, as this is really were they play best, although customization will be possible.  At the moment I will be likely be producing in brass, stainless, resin/plastic or hard rubber.  

#1 “Missing Link” quad-ring transitional Otto Link Super Tonemaster.  

This is a one-of-a-kind mouthpiece that I searched for for like 30 years, finally got one.  I will never see another and it is safe to say most everyone will not have a chance to ever play one not to mention buy one.  I got lucky to obtain this one.  It had a minor amount of work done to it, I improved it greatly and although I never intended to return to an early Link this one demanded my attention because it plays in a very special and great way; compact with a lot of sizzle/bright for an early Link, still very fat but crisp deliver.  it is not SUPER loud, but it has nuance for years and it is also satisfyingly bright.  It is punchier than a Tonemaster, more compact that a NY double ring, and more lyrical/nuanced than a FL.  This is truly a unique and great playing early Link that I want to make available.  I think a LOT of folks will love this, but if you are really looking for a Guardala with the appearance of a Link this is not that.   This is a singular opportunity to own a really impossible to find piece.  It will be cast in brass or silver depending on interest.  The initial run will be the exact piece that I have as currently set up with a facing of around .097 which is really the outer range of where these types of pieces are designed to play their best. Finding this piece is what compelled me to start this project.  

#2 Serial numbered FL Link Super Tonemaster 7*.  This is the best metal FL Link I have ever played, without exception and it is the facing that everyone wants.  Many people have asked me to sell this but I only have one, and this will solve that problem.  It is a 100% original mouthpiece and it screams, very loud and very complex.  I will only produce this piece in 7* and it will be high detail replica.

#3 Straight Signature FL Link Tone Edge.  This was originally marked as a 6 but was already .097.  It is a daily player of mine with a tip size of about .098 and a rather large original flat baffle.  I have optimized this piece because (all) straight sig FL HR Links have table concavity that makes them inhospitable to reeds etc. I have optimized this for my own use with very detailed and gentle work. It is amazing; aggressive, bright, subtle fat and very very fast.  I have never listed this piece for sale and certainly never would but I will make the reproduction available in resin/plastic or hard rubber depending on process.  


#4 Marin Spivack “Orphan Slant” (Otto Link Slant Sig).  This is an Otto Link late FL slant sig blank, unmarked yet with original Otto Link table milling faced to around 5 that I received in a box of junk. I faced and set up this piece from the ground up to .100.  It is the best late Slant Sig possible to find in my experience, very detailed shimmering fat and efficient sound delivering very fast and clear note cutting. Just a touch fatter and colored compared to the speed and aggression of the straight sig (#3.) Never offered for sale. Hard rubber or resin.

#5 Berg Larsen 1960’s Type Font .099 denim offset bullet chamber duckbill hard rubber.  This is one of the absolute best most efficient playing Berg models they made.  This is my personal player that you can see in many of my videos.  I am mainly reproducing this for myself as it is is simply my BEST HR Berg and personal go to mouthpiece all the time and I am not happy with only having this one example that could break etc.  I am also happy to be able to offer it to my own customers and friends.  It is amazing.  Hard rubber or resin.

#6 Berg Larsen Slant Signature 110/3 SMS Stainless denim table 1940’s.  This is the super long “very vintage” Berg Larsen. I have had a number of slant bergs over the years and got this one in trade from a customer just this year and it shocked me.  It is the best metal Berg I have ever played, better than the Charlie Ventura and others as well.  Although it is a 3 baffle it is very loud and bright actually.  It is all original and plays amazing, loudest mouthpiece I own, very easy to play and very full and consistent through the range.  Although it is very powerful it is also extremely nuanced and complex.  It gets a TYPE of brightness that I can only associate with ‘Trane’s sound on Blue Trane for some reason.  This piece has not been for sale and won’t ever be.  I will make stainless models for this.  I may raise the bite a bit as it is so low, depending on the response of those interested.

These are my 6 daily mouthpieces and my best.  I have a number of others models also worth of consideration but for at least this first run I want to make the pieces I personally play available.  I am not looking at mass production but small batch production depending on demand.  I am pretty well known for honesty and integrity with my customers and that will apply here.  Facings will be checked and finished my myself only.  I strive to produce the same quality I demand.

I am just starting this project so I need input from interested folks.  The Metal Links can be made in Brass or silver (silver is quite pricey).  The Stainless Berg can be done in stainless or brass.  The hard rubber pieces will be done in resin/plastic or if in hard rubber they will be machined to a high standard (because I do not have an ebonite curing facility here).

Prices I hope to contain between $350-$650 depending on models, interest, materials and process required, but I will know more when I have an idea of demand and numbers.  For now I would ask that folks interested in having any of these pieces to send an email through the contact form and put “Select Collection” in the subject line so I can make a list.  Talk to me about what pieces you might want and in what material etc so we can decide which production runs to prioritize and at what numbers. You can be part of the process of what actually gets made.  No commitment or money is involved at this time.  These are the best vintage Links and Bergs in the world as far as I am concerned and I am very picky.  This is really not a big business venture but to the possibly small group of folks that want these it will be very satisfying.  Thanks for reading.


Otto Link “Missing Link” 4-Ring Transitional Rare Mouthpiece (Part 1)

I just got this amazingly rare and special piece, an otto Link 4-ring transitional piece from Tonemaster to ‘Super’ Tonemaster; this is the first Super Tonemaster before the ‘Double Ring”.  It is a NY production piece from the Otto Link (not Florida, Ben Harrod).  This has the first super tonemaster body and from my feeling a slightly different chamber from Tonemaster as well, but not exactly the same as double ring.  Of course the double rings models vary plenty amongst themselves but this still feels a bit different to me.



This type of piece was immortalized in photos of John Coltrane, specifically this set by Charles Stewart taken in 1964.  He was always switching mouthpieces of course but it is interesting that this is somewhere near the ‘Love Supreme” recording time period.

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Selmer MK VI 1966 ‘Sanborn’ Medium Bow Model

Here, yet another in a line of reliably great 140-something thousand altos.  These 140k medium bow altos are probably the best, most versatile players they ever made for altos.  The earlier 5 digit medium bow altos are also great but not quite as loud and cutting as these.  I have had a number of these from 139-149k and I have yet to play one that was not great.


This 148xxx is a player’s horn, not a museum piece.  It has lived, had some dents, dings and scratches and lacquer wear.  The pads are old and will need attention but it is a serious player with a thick, projecting sound.  It is very aggressive and bright enough, not not shrill.  Wide enough but not overly spread.  it is going to be amazing with some pad tweaking or a complete setup as you choose.  All original lacquer and US engraving.

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Time Capsule 1956 MK VI 62xxx tenor, WONDERFUL PLAYER

Little words needed here, absolutely beautiful 1956 62xxx original US engraved tenor,  original pads and resos, played very little ever.  Still has factory setup and plays very well.  Has that amazing fat, bright super free blowing response.


The greatest horns can still amaze on 60+ year old pads. Original neck, never bent, with matching numbers, original case with candy etc.  Treasure!

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Otto Link FL no USA Slant Sig “Marinated” .100 Amazing!

Otto Link Florida middle period (no USA, long baffle) slant sig.  This piece has been masterfully restored and optimized at .100 tip (7) with an early EB style long flat baffle.  There was a pickup hole filled in the top but it is flush and mostly invisible.  This is one of the best slants ever, very fat and aggressive sound, not overly bright and not at all shy or muted, very forceful and edgy while still remaining darkly edged.  This is a rare and truly great playing slant, very hard to match.




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