Selmer MK VI Alto 149xxx Resonant Presence Horn

We have the good fortune to acquire yet another 140k-series alto AKA “Sanborn” model.  This one is in very good condition, no damage, original lacquer and a wonderfully playing, seems owned by a working pro.  Out of all the 140k altos we’ve had here there was one that stood out above the rest for just being resonant, a good deal better than the others.  This one is equal and just has that extremely lively and free response.  It is focused enough to project and cut without being stifled or narrow.  It spreads enough for color and complexity and it is just extremely loud and powerful and edgy.

This particular horn is a current favorite alto, a wonderful experience to play. It has one key guard foot re-attachment (not due to any damage, just detached) It has lacquer missing on a few key cups.  There appears to have never been any physical damage of any kind to the body or neck. Will need pad attention, the pads are old, but very fun to play, apex MK VI alto!




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1958 Selmer MK VI 76xxx Angry Beauty Tenor Saxophone

This here is pretty much the apex model design for the first run of MK VI.  it is like the full extension of the best qualities initially produced in 56xxx-60xxx tenors.  By 76xxx the same tonal color and resonance qualities are expressed yet amplified by probably the most power, projection and presence that could be achieve with that particular color palette and bore design.  By the late 70xxx and early 80xxx the entire concept had changed into a much more spread and lush response with a different color as well.

This particular example offers a beautiful complex sound color, a fairly focused and centered response and a rather angry aggressive edge as well.  It feels like a light horn and when pushed it responds as extremely resonant and light.

The horn was assembled in USA and engraved here as well.  The lacquer is all original and nearly 100% intact. The pads are all original it seems and original tone-x resonators also present.  By some mystery, with original pads (with lacquer still on the edges) this horn plays like it has a wonderful recent overhaul, really just plays perfectly, which although hard to imagine is a great experience to play.

There is a small amount of occasional lacquer speckle and maybe one tiny ding that will disappear smoothly.  This horn is a museum quality collector’s treasure with a player’s dream response and feels ready to take on a gig right now.  This is probably the best early 5 digit tenor I have played in years, or ever.  It is incredibly satisfying to drive hard or soft.  The neck has matching serial and is in exceptionally good condition. Original trey-pack case is also present with working zipper in good condition.  This is not a horn one finds every day, year, or decade.  It is a first class rarity and killer player.




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Yamaha YSS-62 Vintage Soprano Saxophone Purple Label

Here we have a Yamaha 62 straight soprano in lacquered finish.  This horn is a wonderful player with a very warm and projecting sound.  It is among the first 600 of these ever made with 4 digit serial and purple label.

The key arrangement is very comfortable which is classic Yamaha design.  it is very easy horn to play and speaks exceptionally well with a colorful tone.  This one has been played a bit, has some normal dings but overall in very good shape.

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Otto Link Early Babbitt 7* Tone-Edge Tenor Original

Here we have an Otto Link true ‘Early Babbitt’ Tone Edge.  This is the fat body model with the smaller chamber and clamshell baffle.  This has the original 7* stamp on the side and an untouched facing.  The piece is very loud and projecting with both edge and warmth and a significant power.  Plays very well as is, people often have these set up but this is a blaster already.

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Otto Link FL Slant Sig Original 6 Rarity

Here we have an Otto Link early FL original 6 facing, untouched and in amazing condition.  This is a wonderful rare and extremely fun and tonally complex piece in a very optimal size for the period these were made in.  original examples such as this are so very hard to find now.  Original milling on table and tip rails and baffle are just beautiful!

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