Otto Link “Double Ring” FL Transitional Original 4* Tenor

Super rare Otto Link “double ring” original traditional.  This has the short FL biteplate yet it is table stamped 4* (true Florida models were side-stamped).  This piece is in very nice shape, I have not yet played it.  Comes with original cap and ligature, slightly worn but present.  The tip, side rail, and facing finish are all of the very early NY style, very thin and beautiful!

I have not cleaned this or done anything with it, just came out of the case of a 1961 Selmer tenor!

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Very Early Florida Otto Link Serialed 6* “Marinated” Restoration

This piece is a nuanced and complex beast.  This is the earliest (non-double ring) “super tonemaster” still showing the serial number.  These are both very rare and very very good playing models.  This one, stamped 6* came to me in slightly disrespected condition and I have restored it to an amazingly rich and colorful ringing classic player.

Links like this are usually not bright compared to a Berg Larsen or modern rock/pop mouthpiece but this has a rather significant baffle and has a lot of presence and brightness for a Link.  The old style chamber provides an extremely fat and complex sound character.  It is not a shy piece and is great fun to play.  The tip size is right around .098 on my tools with a clean and excellent facing and nice slightly flat baffle.  This is a collector’s piece for a real player.

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Meyer Bros New York 5M Pinnacle Alto Mouthpiece

This is like finding a sunken ship of Spanish gold! Meyer Bros. New York 5M original facing, table, tip baffle etc. This is a pice I received with a wonderful late 1950’s Selmer MK VI alto that was clearly owned by a working pro jazz musician. Among the materials in the case was a gig book, with song lists including many standards etc. Stacked boxes of vintage reeds and other equipment and then… this amazing mouthpiece.

I first played this mouthpiece on that 78xxx alto and I immediately realized that this person, exactly knew what a great alto setup was. To my feeling, this piece plays extremely lyrical and smooth, almost clarinet-like, but then it has a very impressive brightness that does not get harsh at all. It is plenty loud and just a joy to play.

It does have a few scratches and nicks on the outer body of the mouthpiece, but the table, facing, tip and baffle are all extremely clean. The baffle, also worthy of note is very high along with a rather high floor. This is not a shy mouthpiece. When I got this there were some tooth marks in the bite area which I filled and then covered with a patch. At the moment it is hard to tell that was ever done, looks and feels great!

These are prized by jazz players and with good reason, Cannonball Adderly knew exactly what was what apparently. I highly doubt a better playing one of these can be found, and this one is in very fine condition as well. Original box included!


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