Vintage Saxophone and Mouthpiece Availability


For availability of vintage saxophones and mouthpieces in stock please see the above link: “Vintage Saxophones & Mouthpieces For Sale”.  That will show current offerings, sold and on hold offerings, as well as up and coming “in-shop” projects.  Please feel free to ask about future offerings.  Additionally there are many items that ARE NOT listed on the for sale page that are packed away, not operational yet, or just not fit into the schedule to list. Early inquiry is a good way to beat the crowd to get the special item you have been searching for.  Thanks!

Otto Link “Missing Link” 4-Ring Transitional Rare Mouthpiece (Part 1)

I just got this amazingly rare and special piece, an otto Link 4-ring transitional piece from Tonemaster to ‘Super’ Tonemaster; this is the first Super Tonemaster before the ‘Double Ring”.  It is a NY production piece from the Otto Link (not Florida, Ben Harrod).  This has the first super tonemaster body and from my feeling a slightly different chamber from Tonemaster as well, but not exactly the same as double ring.  Of course the double rings models vary plenty amongst themselves but this still feels a bit different to me.



This type of piece was immortalized in photos of John Coltrane, specifically this set by Charles Stewart taken in 1964.  He was always switching mouthpieces of course but it is interesting that this is somewhere near the ‘Love Supreme” recording time period.

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Selmer MK VI 1966 ‘Sanborn’ Medium Bow Model

Here, yet another in a line of reliably great 140-something thousand altos.  These 140k medium bow altos are probably the best, most versatile players they ever made for altos.  The earlier 5 digit medium bow altos are also great but not quite as loud and cutting as these.  I have had a number of these from 139-149k and I have yet to play one that was not great.


This 148xxx is a player’s horn, not a museum piece.  It has lived, had some dents, dings and scratches and lacquer wear.  The pads are old and will need attention but it is a serious player with a thick, projecting sound.  It is very aggressive and bright enough, not not shrill.  Wide enough but not overly spread.  it is going to be amazing with some pad tweaking or a complete setup as you choose.  All original lacquer and US engraving.

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Time Capsule 1956 MK VI 62xxx tenor, WONDERFUL PLAYER

Little words needed here, absolutely beautiful 1956 62xxx original US engraved tenor,  original pads and resos, played very little ever.  Still has factory setup and plays very well.  Has that amazing fat, bright super free blowing response.


The greatest horns can still amaze on 60+ year old pads. Original neck, never bent, with matching numbers, original case with candy etc.  Treasure!

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Otto Link FL no USA Slant Sig “Marinated” .100 Amazing!

Otto Link Florida middle period (no USA, long baffle) slant sig.  This piece has been masterfully restored and optimized at .100 tip (7) with an early EB style long flat baffle.  There was a pickup hole filled in the top but it is flush and mostly invisible.  This is one of the best slants ever, very fat and aggressive sound, not overly bright and not at all shy or muted, very forceful and edgy while still remaining darkly edged.  This is a rare and truly great playing slant, very hard to match.




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