Vintage Saxophone and Mouthpiece Availability


For availability of vintage saxophones and mouthpieces in stock please see the above link: “Vintage Saxophones & Mouthpieces For Sale”.  That will show current offerings, sold and on hold offerings, as well as up and coming “in-shop” projects.  Please feel free to ask about future offerings.  Additionally there are many items that ARE NOT listed on the for sale page that are packed away, not operational yet, or just not fit into the schedule to list. Early inquiry is a good way to beat the crowd to get the special item you have been searching for.  Thanks!

Otto Link FL no USA Slant Sig “Marinated” .100 Amazing!

Otto Link Florida middle period (no USA, long baffle) slant sig.  This piece has been masterfully restored and optimized at .100 tip (7) with an early EB style long flat baffle.  There was a pickup hole filled in the top but it is flush and mostly invisible.  This is one of the best slants ever, very fat and aggressive sound, not overly bright and not at all shy or muted, very forceful and edgy while still remaining darkly edged.  This is a rare and truly great playing slant, very hard to match.




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Selmer MK VI Tenor #124xxx Original Dark Beauty

This is an original US lacquered and engraved Selmer Mark VI tenor Saxophone #124xxx, later Coltrane model period.  The horn has mostly original pads and resonators, the pads are obviously old yet It plays in a very promising, satisfying way.

The body has a few minor dings, the neck had some past pulldown, repaired nicely now.  Very pretty dark lacquer and wonderful colorful tone.




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38xxx SBA (Super ‘Balanced’ Action) Tenor, Coltrane Year & Model 1949

This horn was a big project.  Now fully restored with (mostly) original resonators and excellent harder pads, bow to body soldered, all toneholes dressed, keys fitted etc etc.. huge job.  Such a wonderful horn, organic and lyrical yet edgy and dry sounding, also quite compact center.

For those who are still wondering, yes original US lacquer/engraving and matching original neck.

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Amazing Selmer 88xxx MK VI Soprano

Just in, mind blowingly great 88xxx Selmer MK VI soprano, still playing it, just hard to put down. Original lacquer has normal aging spots. No solders or damage other than some smoothing on one side of the bell rim. Super rare with high F# which is a major bonus on soprano.

This is an incredible find, not sure it will be for sale.  Five digit Selmer sopranos are extremely hard to find now, this is a special order High F# original lacquer in excellent condition.  It is so strange, but it really seems to have the same quality as late 80k tenors do; spread, even scale, colorful, powerful and very flexible.  It is actually quite different from many other five digit Selmer sopranos I have had and played.  This may be the best Selmer soprano I have ever played.







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