Selmer Super (Balanced) Action 39xxx beautiful refinished Coltrane model period

Here is a very nice example of the earlier ‘long bell’ SBA in the same model period as Coltrane was known to have used up until maybe 1965. This SBA has a serial number of 39xxx right on the cusp of the desired 40k mark.  The neck is original to the horn and shares the serial number.  It was originally US engraved and lacquered.  Having been refinished at some point, the engraving is still visible.

The original Selmer ‘Tone-X’ resonators are still (mostly) present and, oddly, are some of the largest sized examples I have seen. The pads are without any doubt, OLD and will need replacing.  This horn will play just a bit now, with effort.  Based on my experience playing so many leaky horns over the years I believe the sound and response even on the old dried pads with this one reveals that this is an absolutely wonderful and very promising SBA. If I have time to overhaul I will but that remains to be seen.

The horn has had some normal wear and tear over the years; pearls don’t show much wear.  Most of the refinish is still present with some speckle here and there. There has been some rather normal issues addressed, body is now straight and shows one resolder.  The neck is at the proper SBA angle and fitted exceptionally well.  This horn will definitely come out great.  Given how rare SBA are in any shape these days this is actually in very good condition and a great candidate to turn into an apex classic.