Otto Link Alto Master Link (2 of them) very nice condition

These are wonderful early Link treasures.  We have two, both marked “master Link” and one of them also marked “four star”.  The body barrel of the ‘four star’ model is slightly wider and longer but otherwise they appear quite similar.

The previous owner had both of these sent to a professional refacing outfit that was most likely Babbitt due to the presence of clear denim milling on the table and rails.  The likely babbitt reface is very very clean and intact with no further alterations.  They have both been very nicely gold plated as well, of which all seems to remain intact also.  Both pieces measure around .070 (Otto Link 5*).

Large chamber early alto Links with clean (babbitt) factory facings at a slightly larger than original size that is very comfortable for alto. Original ligatures included for each.