2 FL slant Links early and late, 2 straight sigs. Its a party!

Another unruly group of vintage Links.  Grab them and break up the family, everyone’s doing it! We have, (left to right or top to bottom in pics):

  • 1 early FL slant link with almost all stamping buffed off and edges rounded by some unknown obsessed person.  Pickup hole filled in the tip. 0.112 SOLD
  • 2 FL Link slant 7 gentle work done on this one, original table milling still visible under leveling 0.097 SOLD
  • 3 FL straight sig 5* all original 0.090 $1300 SOLD
  • 4 FL straight sig B.P. reface 0.100 $1100 SOLD

Straight sig 5* original baffle close-