Otto Link FL Slant Sig. 7 no USA Original near mint

Amazingly well preserved original near mint Otto Link ‘slant signature’ mid-period Florida (no USA) 7 tenor piece.  This is really exceptionally difficult to find, now.  The original table milling marks are fully present, as well as the original facing and tip finish, nothing has been done to this piece.  It appears to have been played just very little and shows no significant wear, some normal scuff or scratches but that’s it.  I measured this piece at exactly .100″ which again is also rare.

It has the typical idiosyncratic facing curve that Ben Harrod was applying to these links at that time, slightly short on the front end of the facing, which produces a characteristic brightness with a bit of resistance and a fast response.  While the underlying tone is darker and very colorful and complex, the response actually comes out very edgy and cutting due to that facing and the moderate baffle they crafted.  This piece, however is very flexible if one learns how to manipulate it.  it can easily go from the Stan Getz classic slant sig vibe to a Sonny Rollins or more aggressive very easily.  It is a phenomenal playing early example of really the best design of the slant sig FL.