Vintage Otto Link and Dukoff Treasure trove

Vintage Otto Link & Dukoff Tenor Piece sale. These are consignment so I will try to do the best I can for my friend. Feel free to make offers, demand determines flexibility. Message me, Thanks!
(Left to right)
Otto Link FL/EB Trans. .097 Theo Wanne Optimized $$850
Otto Link Double Ring (WT) BP faced .106 -SOLD
Dukoff Hollywood (CV Special) Later model refaced .105 $1200
Otto Link Tonemaster refaced with wedge baffle .095 $900
Otto Link Tonemaster refaced .097 $1200
Otto Link FOUR STAR model original needs minor work $800
Otto Link FL no USA Original 6 .095 CLEAN $1500
Otto Link FL 5 copy-casting, no makers sign, good blank $350