Vintage Otto Link and Dukoff Treasure trove

Vintage Otto Link & Dukoff Tenor Piece sale. These are consignment so I will try to do the best I can for my friend. Feel free to make offers, demand determines flexibility. Message me, Thanks!
(Left to right)
Otto Link FL/EB Trans. .097 Theo Wanne Optimized $$850
Otto Link Double Ring (WT) BP faced .106 -SOLD
Dukoff Hollywood (CV Special) Later model refaced .105 SOLD

Tonemaster previously with wedge baffle shown below

Otto Link Tonemaster refaced .097 SOLD
Otto Link FOUR STAR model original needs minor work SOLD
Otto Link FL no USA Original 6 .095 CLEAN $1500
Otto Link FL 5 copy-casting, no makers sign, good blank $350