Meyer Bros NY Original MINT condition 5M Medium with color variance (SOLD)

Here we have a very rare nearly new Meyer Bros. New York alto 5M Medium Chamber.  This piece shows very little wear, a few minor scuffs.  The table and facing finish are 100% original showing the original ‘cloudy’ milling pattern and very fine tip rail.  All surfaces are sharp and original stock Meyer finishing.  You will notice the old hard rubber has some color variance likely due to light exposure.

I have played this piece and some of the world’s most celebrated saxophone artists have also tried it and felt it was exceptionally great.  It is generally felt that this particular piece plays with the depth complexity and color one would desire in the best of these vintage Meyers without succumbing to the overly bright or shrill tendencies of many refaced examples, as this baffle has been untouched.

Simply this is one of the absolute best and balanced examples of this rare model. Due to the rarity, condition and playability of course it is not cheap.  There are very few like this available.