Otto Link FL Double Ring Marinated .097 Excellent!

These are in high demand and now just harder and harder to find.  Those who have good ones mostly are not letting them go.  This one is at .097 which is a classic and great tip size for these, with the crisp detail of a slightly smaller size, yet still plays very big and expansive. Coltrane’s facings were all under 6* from what I heard, which makes a lot of sense given the bright, present sound he got.  This type of compact crispness can only be achieved under .100″.

I received this piece in poor setup and put a very responsive facing and tip finish on it in the traditional style.  The baffle was not low to start with and I have not tried to alter that further.  It is definitely on the bright side for Links, FL double rings in general were not especially dark in original condition either, until you get to larger tip sizes. This one is quite a detailed shimmering player with a lot of body.  I have no complaints about this piece, and could play it with a stiff 2.5 or harder as needed.

The nickel plating you see there is original, obviously with some wear to it.  It would have gold over that as well originally, for pieces of this particular period. For those who have been looking for a great playing double ring, this will not last long.