Selmer MK VI 98xxx Orig. US Lac Super Clean HT Overhaul Apex player (SOLD)

Selmer MK VI tenor 98xxx one very special horn.  Everyone who has tried this one has loved it.  It is a very powerful, balanced and full player. It has plenty of weight to the sound as well as a forceful edge and depth.  The US lacquer and engraving are all original and in show several color variations, seems to be still darkening over time.  The neck, bell, bow all are structurally spotless with no previous damage nor repair of any kind. There is minor lacquer speckle on some keys but thats all really. It’s a near mint original, the pearls are quite sharp.

I’ve given this the absolute excellent setup with custom treated pads and large 5-digit original Selmer ToneX resos. It plays exactly as great as it should. This horn is special enough that the listing may be removed – quite likely, but its here for the moment. It is for the treasure seeker and will not be cheap as it is very hard to find a player like this in this condition as well.  I honestly don’t know what to write- its among the best.