Otto Link FL Double Ring 4* near MINT original package, killer player.

Here we have a very minty original Otto Link Double Ring Florida tenor piece with original box, cap and ligature.  It is stamped 4*and has the appropriate .075 tip size.  The gold plating is somewhat faded but all of the underlying nickel is there, some of these had a nickel underlayer.  The piece is in excellent condition, ligature, box, etc. all very nice, but this piece PLAYS exceptionally well.  I put a 2.5 reed on it for fun and it still played very well.  Wonderful sound, loud, complex and colorful.  With a 3 or harder reed it would be amazing.

It also has a rather thick tip so if someone did want to injure that lovely plating and open it up, it is a great candidate.  the current baffle is not big at all, which is a good thing on a small tip for better airflow.  It is helpful to not have a huge amount of baffle before opening up such a piece because we don’t want to have a speedbump up front.

Altogether this is a very nice package for a great playing smaller tip FL double ring, or a great candidate for making the perfect size.  Hard to find minty originals of these anywhere now.