Otto Link Mid/late Florida 6 Excellent Playing Crisp Original Tenor

This piece was received in a trade and belonged to a NYC pro tenorman who bought it from Dave Guardala way back when.  The table, facing, tip, baffle are all original.  The biteplate was replaced by Guardala and done nicely.  Out of many original vintage FL Links this one plays exceptionally well  I think the tip size is around a 6* (have to go measure again) and this thing really really plays.  It has a dark core like Links do, but it also has that long flat baffle of the this period and delivers a shockingly crisp, immediate and clear response.  I have to say this one is rather aggressive and extremely fun to play.

This is one of the best Links I have actually ever played in this size.  Buyer beware… of confusion and addiction to this Link!


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