Otto Link ‘Improved’ Tonemaster Marinated .100

Vintage otto Link Tonemaster, “improved” model (late) same as seen on the cover of Bluetrane LP.  This piece was originally a 5* facing and I’ve carefully and specially opened it to .100 (current Otto Link 7) with a significant yet not overbearing baffle and contoured rails.  It plays obviously bigger, and with quite a bit more clarity and detail than these would originally yet retains the original character.  It is the case of more and better, rather than altered or modernized.  It is finished in the traditional style these were made with.

It plays with plenty of volume, more body than a Florida Link, more edge and brilliance than an original.  A spread response with a tone slightly to the dark side of the spectrum and plenty of warmth.  Definitely among the best playing Tonemasters to be found.