Otto Link “Missing Link” 4-Ring Transitional Rare Mouthpiece (Part 1)

I just got this amazingly rare and special piece, an otto Link 4-ring transitional piece from Tonemaster to ‘Super’ Tonemaster; this is the first Super Tonemaster before the ‘Double Ring”.  It is a NY production piece from the Otto Link (not Florida, Ben Harrod).  This has the first super tonemaster body and from my feeling a slightly different chamber from Tonemaster as well, but not exactly the same as double ring.  Of course the double rings models vary plenty amongst themselves but this still feels a bit different to me.



This type of piece was immortalized in photos of John Coltrane, specifically this set by Charles Stewart taken in 1964.  He was always switching mouthpieces of course but it is interesting that this is somewhere near the ‘Love Supreme” recording time period.

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Horned Toad’s Vintage Otto Link Survey Videos!

Marin Spivack, veteran restorer of vintage mouthpieces takes an in-depth journey through the different models of vintage Otto Link tenor (because they are a lot less famous for alto) saxophone mouthpieces. We will cover the 1940’s to the 1970’s. Not ALL models and examples will be featured but plenty of detail based on what is available. Be prepared for corny humor and some time wasting, it’s a bit long, but you may learn to identify and understand the differences in the models. There may be mistakes and contradictions, we do our best. This is for the true nerds and enthusiasts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Beautiful Vintage Buffet Clarinet 1951 R13?

This is a very nice 1951 Buffet Clarinet received and sold as is. Apparently this serial number falls right in at the vague beginnings of the R13.  I do not know if this is one though.
Beautiful old case as well. I don’t see any cracks etc but not being a great clarinet expert, I mainly see lovely old craftsmanship. Buffet mouthpiece included as well!  This has been sitting a long time, will likely need some attention, but by the looks of it, also well worth it.


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Vintage Saxophone and Mouthpiece Availability


For availability of vintage saxophones and mouthpieces in stock please see the above link: “Vintage Saxophones & Mouthpieces For Sale”.  That will show current offerings, sold and on hold offerings, as well as up and coming “in-shop” projects.  Please feel free to ask about future offerings.  Additionally there are many items that ARE NOT listed on the for sale page that are packed away, not operational yet, or just not fit into the schedule to list. Early inquiry is a good way to beat the crowd to get the special item you have been searching for.  Thanks!

King Super 20 Alto Saxophone #427xxx Original

Vintage King Super 20 alto, 427xxx original lacquer and pads. It has the silver neck and engraved bell keys, and much sturdier single socket neck. These are some of the best model years for King in terms of reliability power and ergonomics.

This alto has been played, has some normal wear and some blemishes, had some dents smoothed out. It is in very good structural shape and will be an absolute joy of a professional jazz instrument. These have the tone to beat as demonstrated by Cannonball Adderly and Yusef Lateef among others.

This has a mix of pads in it including some real old ones that will need attention.  It can be played a bit as you can see in the video, with a wonderful sound!

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