Very Early Florida Otto Link Serialed 6* “Marinated” Restoration

This piece is a nuanced and complex beast.  This is the earliest (non-double ring) “super tonemaster” still showing the serial number.  These are both very rare and very very good playing models.  This one, stamped 6* came to me in slightly disrespected condition and I have restored it to an amazingly rich and colorful ringing classic player.

Links like this are usually not bright compared to a Berg Larsen or modern rock/pop mouthpiece but this has a rather significant baffle and has a lot of presence and brightness for a Link.  The old style chamber provides an extremely fat and complex sound character.  It is not a shy piece and is great fun to play.  The tip size is right around .098 on my tools with a clean and excellent facing and nice slightly flat baffle.  This is a collector’s piece for a real player.