Otto Link Slant Sig 7 FL Original MINT .105 Amazing Vintage Set

Otto Link Slant Sig later Florida model MINT condition 7!  This has the original table milling, original facing and tip, original preferred long and high baffle. Included is the original box, cap and aa specially great original ligature model that works so well on this piece.

This is THE piece right here.  The tip measures (for me) at .105 although it is original and stamped 7.  I has that particular FL facing curve with a slightly smaller facing and larger tip so it plays very very comfortably and although a 7* in actuality it feels more like a 7 with better venting to me.

This is of course an extremely difficult model, size and condition to find.  it is an absolutely exemplary player, just fantastic.  It needs no facing or adjustment it just goes like fireworks with an edgy brightness yet colorful and moderate-dark core.  Truly wonderful mouthpiece in basically perfect condition.