Otto Link Early Babbitt STM 10 original PLAYER

Here is a rather hard to find mouthpiece for a particular player who likes to go big.  This is a wonderful denim tabled original EB Link with a rather huge significant baffle adding a big shot of bright buzz and sizzle on a huge wide sound.  The big baffle and the specific shape of it helps stop that big sound from getting lost or too diffuse which can happen with large tipped Links.

This piece is measuring over .125 on my tools which means it is probably .130. It’s been used, has some scratching and plating age but it’s overall in good shape. The biteplate has a little spot of wear but not something I would bother about.  I noticed that the material above the table (inside the chamber) is quite thin which tells me that essentially this chamber is not so big.  This is the secret to a great playing EB Link.