Dukoff/Zimberoff Hollywood round chamber “GEM” 7 Tenor Rarity

This is a Zimberoff/Dukoff Hollywood produced under the brand “GEM” which (I cannot quite remember, I think it was associated with Gregory mouthpieces?), but I could be wrong.  In any case this is the desirable large round chambered model. It is actually a Zimberoff/Dukoff Hollywood exactly and having the original facing size of 7 is quite rare.  The photos below show the piece originally as found.  I have just restored this to a beautiful .100 tip with an excellent original style rollover to flat baffle.  This is an absolutely top professional and nuanced playing piece, very hard to find and very complex in color.  This is the exact same model and quality of a slightly larger one I sold to Dave O’Higgins some years back, which can be heard on youtube.  Photos will be updated soon.


Before Restoration:

image image

After Restoration: