Dukoff Hollywood “CV Special” Serial V122 large chamber

Dukoff Hollywood later model (two piece construction) serial V122.  This piece is rather close to original.  Someone has done some minor cleanup of some kind but there is still significant gold plating on the rails so they cannot have done too much.  It looks like someone mainly smoothed the ramp/baffle area.  These pieces CAN have some solder clumps at the seams so maybe they cleaned that up?

Anyhow, this is a ‘CV special’ (Charlie Ventura) facing and it measures quite accurately, with a tip size at just about .102 on my tools. It does not have a pronounced baffle and even so it has an edge to the sound (with my reed).  It plays really quite large and colorfully, with a beautiful fatness and dark fundamental defined by edge.  It has a little air on top of the sound (which gives it part of a smokey coloration) and that is likely due to the larger size.  These (CV) can vary anywhere from .093-.102 and the response will vary accordingly.

Obviously the biteplate has ben updated, and there is a patch over the replacement to protect it.  Much of the original exterior plating remains- silver under a small amount of gold. I have done nothing to this except give it a pass on the finest grit to clean the dirt and corrosion off the table which immediately resulted in a facing break of exactly 50 which is correct for this.  So, looking for a slightly big late model Hollywood?  This is it.