King Silversonic Gold Plate Tenor 382k Project

Here we have a truly rare find, a King SIlversonic with original gold plated body, neck and keys and gold inlay on the engraving.  These were custom ordered from King back in the day and we know of one other in existence.  Finding this was just a happy accident. These pics are as found-

Oddly the gold inlay on the engraving is more of a rose gold color, not really sure why that is, but there is no lacquer on the bell (now) if there ever was.  This horn was received with original pads with tiny or no resonators in dried out puffy condition.  Neck was loose, body showed some wear and needed some brass work as well.  Pearls were in very original nice condition but key action needed a lot of attention. This horn had definitely been played and suffered some insult but overall not bad condition. There are always ten thousand tiny jobs to be done on a restoration like this.

This is the rarest King ever made, I guess.  Even the full pearls Silversonics are more plentiful.  Fully gold plated was a big deal back then as well, someone wanted to pay for it.  The current value of this horn is impossible to ascertain as there may be only two of them.

Disassembly, brasswork, tonehole leveling was first.  Toneholes, some were quite bad, others fine.  King toneholes out of the factory are usually better than Selmer anyhow.


Next was cleaning, everything was dirty, silver bell was very tarnished and the gold plate has a film of who-knows-what all over it.

Next was Key cup leveling, and then an exhaustive key fitting epic as King Keys can be idiotically loose.  That is hard to photograph.  Then came pad and reso assembly and the start fo the fun.


This was the first phase of pad seating, bit, sorting out a lot of small problems.

And finally the horn is done, or appears to be, that is to say it is fully reassembled and regulated.  Multiple revisions, play sessions and clamps interludes will be required for all materials to compress to a stable level and play reliably great.