Excellent Early Berg Larsen Type (mixed?) Font Tenor 105

Here we have a very nice find, early Berg Larsen 105/1/M.  This piece has the original denim table milling marks and a wonderful delicately finished tip rail and baffle quite likely faced by Berg Larsen himself.  This is the style all the early ones are done in, by, I think, himself.  Unusually this piece actually measures right at .105 on my tools.  The slant signature Bergs and pieces near that time period usually measure exactly as stamped but slightly later ones (like this should be) trend .005 smaller. This one is accurate to the stamp, no idea why.

The font on the shank seems to have SOME of earlier serif font. I believe someone has replaced the biteplate with a modern marbled rubber.  I see no evidence of any other work done.  This piece plays rather huge and fat.  It is pretty accurate for a #1 baffle being brilliant while also not excessively bright or at all shrill.

There are many of destroyed, later model, etc Berg Larsens to be found but the Serif Font denim table originals are few and far between now.