Comparison & Review; Yamaha 82Z vs. Some Vintage Selmer Tenors

This is a fairly casual review/comparison of the 82Z vs a number of different vintage Selmer tenors. I really made this video for myself to hear the differences (which are not hard to notice) and because I have a number of folks who seem to appreciate my viewpoint. As usual I am rambling a bit and blowing probably too much noise but I did clear up a few of my ideas at least for myself and maybe someone else.

0:04 intro and 82Z comparison discussion
1:34 82Z playtest
3:37 SBA 45k playtest
5:33 MK VI 87k playtest
7:27 SBA 41k playtest
9:45 MK VI 70k
12:06 82Z more playtest
13:13 82Z discussion/comparison/conclusions
24:21 82Z left/right hand examination
25:19 MK VI 87k left/right comparison
26:02 conclusion etc