Selmer MK VI Soprano Saxophone 1964 113xxx Awesome Player!

Absolutely beautiful MK VI soprano, 1964, 113xxx, this is one of my personal finds during some years of searching for the perfect MK VI of which this IS one. Although the five digit early selmers are great, the early six digit sopranos have special advantages.  The intonation tends to be a bit more reliable partially due to bore changes as well as the articulated octave/c# mechanism that was added right around late 90k-100k.

The body seems straight, never had any major trauma that I was able to identify.  Bell looks in nice shape too.  The lyre holder was removed which is nice in that it makes the horn a little lighter. The pads are not new but it plays pretty good at the moment, could definitely use adjustment, and maybe a pro setup if you choose.

This horn has a very strong and compact sound, slightly brighter and more focused than 5 digit sopranos and very very obviously more colorful and sonically rich and complex than later 6 digit horns.  This is one of the BEST, and it was not an accident that I bought it for myself.  I have a number of them now, and need to let one go. Lucky you, maybe!