Selmer MK VI Alto 149xxx Resonant Presence Horn

We have the good fortune to acquire yet another 140k-series alto AKA “Sanborn” model.  This one is in very good condition, no damage, original lacquer and a wonderfully playing, seems owned by a working pro.  Out of all the 140k altos we’ve had here there was one that stood out above the rest for just being resonant, a good deal better than the others.  This one is equal and just has that extremely lively and free response.  It is focused enough to project and cut without being stifled or narrow.  It spreads enough for color and complexity and it is just extremely loud and powerful and edgy.

This particular horn is a current favorite alto, a wonderful experience to play. It has one key guard foot re-attachment (not due to any damage, just detached) It has lacquer missing on a few key cups.  There appears to have never been any physical damage of any kind to the body or neck. Will need pad attention, the pads are old, but very fun to play, apex MK VI alto!